Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

No problems with religious prejudice but Uruguay is a very homogenous country culturally. I've heard Asians and anyone that doesn't look like most Uruguayans can feel uncomfortable. No big issues with gender equality. - Aug 2018

Yes, Uruguayans are very racist. - Oct 2016

Not that I am aware of. Uruguay is the most secular country in Latin America and it's fairly homogenous as the vast majority of the population is of European descent. - Aug 2016

Not as much as I would have expected. But, the history of the country is that the local population was assimilated into the Spanish, British, Italian people has they took over the country. - Mar 2014

Yes -- Uruguay is perhaps the whitest country in South America. People of African descent are particularly discriminated against, and the local Native Americans have been almost completely wiped out. - May 2013

There is some discrimination against the small Afro-Uruguayan population here. Otherwise the population is quite homogeneous - all people of European-descent (mostly Spanish and Italian), so it is just not a very diverse place. - Mar 2012

I have heard some prejudice against people ofAfrican descent and other races. Uruguayans are proud to be "European." Although they certainly don't act European, unless you mean Eastern Europe! They are a pretty depressed people. - Jan 2009

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