Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I think this is a great spot for everyone. I can't speak to the dating scene, but there is lots to do: beaches, wine, nature, etc. If you want a vibrant city life, maybe you will find it lacking, but I like things more quiet. - Aug 2022

Montevideo is fine for all household types. I think it's fine for single people but it's better if you know Spanish. Couples seem to have a really good time as well as families. One thing I liked is that singles, couples, and families socialized together which you don't see in a lot of places. - Jul 2020

I think is a city for singles; families can have a tough time, because of the school, the cost of living, the cost of nannies, and there doesn't seem to be a lot for the kids. - Apr 2019

This is a great city for all types. - Aug 2018

The city is better for families than singles as it is a very family-oriented society. There are some bars and clubs, but not very many which may make it difficult for singles. - Jun 2017

Not for families, there are no activities for kids, and you cannot save, no COLA, no R&R, no return VAT. - Oct 2016

I think this a best for families since it's a great post to have quality family time. For couples it could be good if you like to get out on the weekends and travel; for singles, just beware that if you fall in love with a Uruguayan, they will probably convince you to live in Uruguay rather than leave with you when you're time is up here. - Aug 2016

Yes for all. Lots of things to do to keep everyone as busy as they wish to be. Sports, the beach, movies, travel, etc. - Mar 2014

This post is best for couples without children. Families with school-aged children have either to live in dangerous Carrasco or send their kids on a long bus ride there. Most singles find the city too quiet. - May 2013

This is a good city for anyone who doesn't need a lot of nightclubs or a cosmopolitan big city. Families seem happy here, and I know some singles, both men and women, have been relatively successful dating here. - Mar 2012

Families tend to like it although I know some who don't and the kids are bored. BUT DON'T COME HERE IF YOU'RE SINGLE! You've been warned. The locals are not too friendly and there are very few, if any, singles at post. - Jan 2009

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