Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There are all kinds of cuisines on the restaurant circuit - you want it? You'll find it. Grab is a one-stop shop app for taxi/food delivery/grocery ordering/parcel delivery between people/and more. Most of the popular restaurants are walking distance, too! - Sep 2021

When we first arrived, we were wildly enthusiastic about Vietnam. Like Uber Eats, it’s a centralized clearinghouse for restaurant delivery. Delivery is free or cheap, and fast. However, we came to realize that using the service generates a heart-breaking amount of plastic waste. Eventually we realized it was probably greener to go out to eat than to order in. There is a nice range of options for eating out. In Vietnam, you can get a meal for a dollar or for a hundred dollars. Both ends of the spectrum have their charms. Of course, Vietnamese cuisine dominates the restaurant scene, but French, German, Japanese, Korean are also well-represented. A surprising amount of good Indian food as well. Not much good Chinese food, though. - Jul 2019

It's all here and very cheap - from what I hear. - Mar 2016

We don’t eat fast food very often, but you will find Popeyes, McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. The prices are a little higher than what we pay in the states. But you have thousands of other restaurants to choose from, ranging from $1.50 -$50 per meal. There are so many options to choose from --- it’s awesome. There is a website (www.vietnammm.com) that will deliver from many restaurants around the area for free or a very small delivery fee. - Aug 2015

Lots. Recent additions include Starbucks, McDonald's, Popeyes, and Dunkin Donuts. There are lots of pho shops, banh mi sandwich shops, coffee shops. You can eat very cheaply here (US$3) or go to a fancy steak place and spend significantly more. You will not lack for food choices. However, you might find a favorite place only to discover it changes hands or is closed down the next time you try to go. - May 2014

KFC, Popeyes, Hardees, Pho 24 and Lotteria. All for around 4 bucks a meal or so, more depending on how hungry you are. Portions are smaller here. There is a ton of decently priced restaurants here. Yes, you can eat for 50 cents, but why would you when for 2 dollars you can get a nice meal. For 10 bucks, you can get a good meal, for 20, you get a GREAT meal. I am not a challenge eater though, and like to know that a place at least has running water before I eat there. Call me a snob! - Jul 2011

There is only one Franchise here KFC. No McDonalds etc, Which I am very happy with as I don't like fast food franchises. There is a coffee group known as Highland Coffee, they have high prices like Starbucks, $4 for a coffee more for fancy ones, but I go there sometimes to escape the frenetic streets, to sit with other foreigners and not be stared at, read a paper and soak up the A/C, wifi Internet is free too. Then there are lots of Mediterranean restaurants like Jaspas, Kita Cafe, Black cat, prices mid range, can be costly if with family. French restaurants like Ty Coz more up market. The local "Pho" noodle soup restaurants are clean and the food quick, tasty and cheap, $2 to $4 for a big bowl of broth, noodles, chicken and the leafy Vietnamese fixings. The big hotels do amazing all you van eat Buffets for various prices around $25 Good for a Sunday treat. There are German, Cuban, Mexican places, steak houses and lots of Japanese places. All price ranges. - Sep 2010

Still no McDonald's, but there is Lotteria (Korean burgers) and loads of KFC. - Nov 2009

Fast food includes: lotteria, KFC, Jollibee and Pizza Hut. Lots of decent international and local food restaurants with a wide variety of prices. - Dec 2008

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