Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes. - Jul 2019

Overall it's been a good experience - but it hasn't always been this way. Recently changes mean this is a great posting or place to live and work if you can get used to the lack of open clean spaces. - Mar 2016

Yes! I would love to come back one day. - Aug 2015

In a heartbeat. - May 2014

Possibly. For a developing country, there are quite a few perks. - Jul 2011

Maybe. - Sep 2010

No. It is ok for one posting, but there just isn't anything here which one needs to explore in depth. After the first flush you realise it is one of the more boring places to be. - Nov 2009

Absolutely. It is a fascinating time for the country and U.S.-Vietnam relations. Highly recommended for a great consular experience or mid-level Pol/Econ/PD position. - Dec 2008

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