Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

We lived on the 5th floor (really the 6th floor, since Vietnam follows European custom of calling the first floor the ground floor), too high for mosquitos to fly. I saw one or two cockroaches in our apartment the entire two years we were there. Occasionally saw the “wall tigers” (geckos) in our apartment. On the street is a totally different story: geckos everywhere. Cockroaches and mosquitos are a constant problem. Vietnamese rats are the most cocky rodents I’ve ever seen, walking around the city with an attitude of entitlement. Experienced a gush of schadenfreude when I saw a rat try to cross the street and was flattened within seconds. The vermin bring disease. Dengue fever is a real problem here. - Jul 2019

Mossies are everywhere, ants in the kitchen and anywhere that isn't sealed, cockroaches - all have to be dealt with. - Mar 2016

Mosquitoes! Dengue is a problem here. There are also ants and cockroaches that are found in people’s house. So far in this rainy season, three snakes have been spotted in our neighborhood. - Aug 2015

Mosquitos (that carry dengue!), ants in kitchens, is the tropics. - May 2014

Mosquitoes, roaches, other various and typical tropical bugs. Rats in the city. Apartments are fairly immune though, minus the occasional gecko intruder. Don't look too long at the sidewalks, etc. You're bound to see something moving. Same thing goes with food. I think I've eaten more than a few ants since I have been here. They were not on the menu. - Jul 2011

Mosquitoes. Dengue fever is on the rise. Although not an insect, there are a lot of parasites here, best not to go barefoot to avoid hook worm (The local population use the streets as a toilet frequently) All veg and fruit needs to be soaked with a cap of bleach, rinsed and air dried. Pick restaurants wisely, Some food handlers can have poor personal hygiene. - Sep 2010

Mosquitoes full of dengue - they need to be managed. Ants all the time - I keep foodstuffs in the fridge. - Nov 2009

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