San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

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It's not the worst place to live. It's safe, people are generally friendly, and the natural environment is nice. But the traffic is horrendous, it's really expensive, and everything fun to do that isn't illegal or immoral is far from the city. - Dec 2016

I think folks who live outside San Jose like it here, especially the large number of surfers. Among those who are part of the U.S. Embassy, I've found morale is generally low. People come here expecting an eco-paradise and they find a city and country constantly overwhelmed with traffic on very poor roads. Even though it is a small country, the roads are so bad and crowded that it takes forever to cover short distances. Most things are much more expensive than they should be, and the country suffers from the same or worse problems of inefficiency and government bureaucracy that plague other Latin American countries. Much of the countryside is beautiful, but the country's reputation for being eco-friendly is overstated; the rivers, air, and roadsides are polluted, and your average Costa Rican is no greener than those in other Latin American countries. - Feb 2016

Vehicles can take 3-5 months to arrive in country get get to you due to diplomatic customs processes. This can be a hindrance for families regarding grocery shopping, etc. If your budget allows, ship two vehicles or plan to purchase one upon arrival. It is hard to live here with only 1 vehicle and a stay-at-home spouse. - Jun 2013

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