San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Centrality to so many tourist opportunities. - Sep 2020

Very little, its full of traffic and its sort of near the embassy. - Jul 2018

None that I can think of? - Dec 2016

The tourist infrastructure is pretty well developed, and there are pretty good eco-tourist destinations, though there are not very many that can be reached during the weekend. - Feb 2016

Weekend beach runs, fully developed tourist industry (lots to do), and Central Valley weather that is generally very pleasant. - Apr 2014

Tons of tourist/nature experiences throughout the country. Additionally you could conceivably swim in both the Caribean & Pacific in one day. - Jun 2013

The only special advantages we have found here is the beautiful scenery, rafting, ziplining, & hiking. - Aug 2011

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with lots of places to see. There are national parks, coffee fields, beaches, nature in general. The Ticos (costa ricans) are very nice and helpful. - Feb 2010

Traveling throughout Costa Rica, close proximity to the U.S., good weather (though the rainy season is longer than advertised - May through November), availability of most U.S. goods, good restaurants, household help while not as cheap as other countries is cheaper than US/Europe ($400 per month) - Jan 2010

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