San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes. - Sep 2020

Yes and no. They can't marry but lots of LGBT exist here and live in harmony in the city at least. Not sure about the countryside. - Jul 2018

I've met a number of gay or lesbian couples, and I've found their morale to be low. I think they expected Costa Rica to be a livelier place than it is. - Feb 2016

They appear to get along OK. On the one hand, it's still a conservative Catholic country in many ways, and on the other hand, it's surprisingly open-minded. Gays and lesbians will experience both sides of that. - Apr 2014

We have several GLBT officers/couples & singles at post. The biggest issue has been that the MFA will not accredit anyone's "partner" unless they are officially married & hold a dip passport. We have one couple at post that holds a dip passport & they have received all entitlements, those that are not married do not receive tax exemption, etc. Since this is a catholic country, there's not a huge community here, but there is one. - Jun 2013

Yes. Ticos are very tolerant and opened. - Feb 2010

Yes, there is a vibrant gay community. - Jan 2010

Probably - but I have no experience with this. Younger Costa Ricans are very liberal with sexual expression (at least compared to conservative Mexico), and I can easily imagine that this extends to gays and lesbians, but I don't know for sure. - Jul 2008

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