San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Costa Rica has year-round gorgeous weather, so exercising outside is common and easy. There are a few gyms, such as World Gym, and the Embassy has a small gym for employees. - Sep 2020

Everything is available here. The embassy has a gym and many of the complexes have them too (ours does), so we don't buy a separate membership. - Jul 2018

All kinds are available but expensive. World Gym offers a discount if a year is paid in full in advance, about $700 and they have decent facilities including a pool. - Dec 2016

Yes, though my sense is they are as expensive as those in the U.S. - Feb 2016

Plenty of gyms; not sure about costs. The Embassy has a good one. Indoor soccer facilities are popular, numerous, and inexpensive. Most condos have pools. Most embassy housing is in neighborhoods that are relatively safe for daylight walking/jogging. - Apr 2014

The embassy has a very nice gym in the basement with treadmills, elipticals & free weights, among other things. There are also other gyms around the city, but I cannot comment on them. I think many people use World Gym in Escazu. - Jun 2013

There is a small dark/grim gym in the Embassy and a few in San Jose. World's Gym (most Embassy people go) is located in Escazu and costs around $450 per year per person - Aug 2011

Lots of gyms. The prices are a little bit high, but there are good gyms. Also you can find dance studios (merecumbe), pilates studios, yoga, gym for kids/babies... - Feb 2010

There is a small workout room at the Embassy for the embassy community, and there are a number of private gyms. - Jan 2010

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