San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Insects are a common problem, especially ants, but post will help with extermination. - Sep 2020

Bugs galore, and everywhere. Constant spraying. - Jul 2018

It's the tropics so there are plenty of bugs. - Dec 2016

Mosquitoes are pretty common. The CDC has noted that Zika has reached Costa Rica, though the Costa Ricans are denying it, fearing the impact on tourism, I suppose. - Feb 2016

What kind would you like? Moths, termites, ants have all been issues. There is the occasional mutant cucaracha or freaky looking spider. We once had a scorpion hanging by its tail from the ceiling fan over our bed -- true. Mosquitoes are a dangerous nuisance in humid areas, with frequent warnings about dengue. BUT most days you don't necessarily notice any of them. - Apr 2014

TONS - don't move here if you can't live with bugs. We've really only dealt with a baby-ant problem and the occasional other larger, unknown bug. However, I've heard of others with a much larger bug issue. Furniture can easily be infested with termites. - Jun 2013

This is a tropical climate so there are many insects and bugs of all kinds. - Aug 2011

Lots of mosquitoes in the coasts, but none in San Jose. - Feb 2010

None. - Jan 2010

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