San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Always between 65-80 degrees in San Jose and hotter at the coasts. We have a six month rainy season, but it usually only rains for an hour or two in the afternoon. - Sep 2020

Mild in SJ, hot and sticky sometimes on the coasts. Always warm - Jul 2018

Moderate climate, rains a lot. When it's not raining it's windy. Doesn't get super hot or super cold ever. - Dec 2016

December - April it never rains, May - November it usually rains hard every afternoon. In the valley where the Embassy (and most Embassy housing) sits, it can get hot, so the Embassy runs the A/C nonstop. December - March the temperatures are pleasant. - Feb 2016

Dry season theoretically from November through April. Early and late parts can be gray and windy but still pleasant enough. Rainy season typically means warm sunny mornings and a good hard rain every afternoon, sometimes stretching into evening. It's warmer and more humid on the coasts, while in the Central Valley you can usually wear either shorts or pants and still be comfortable. Climate can vary a lot based on elevation. Some housing is up on the mountainside, where it's cooler, somewhat drier, and A/C may be unnecessary. Those down in the valley find it balmier and run up higher electricity bills. - Apr 2014

There are only two seasons: dry & raining. The dry months are November through May. All other time is the rainy season. GSO provides each home with 2 dehumidifiers to combat the humidity. - Jun 2013

The weather in San Jose is very nice, around 80 since you live in the mountain area. Once you get outside of the mountain range it is very hot and humid. Rainy season lasts for about 9 months out of the year. Mostly March to November and it rains everyday mostly in the afternoons. - Aug 2011

Rainy season and dry season. The rainy season starts around April and lasts 6 months. - Feb 2010

San Jose is temperate with temperature around 70-75 year round, though it cools off to around 60 at night. Weather can change throughout the day. Outside of San Jose on the coasts is hotter, around 85 and humid. Rainy season starts in April/May when it rains in the afternoon for a few hours until September, when it can rain anytime and all day through October, then starts to taper off in November. December - May is the 'summer' and it's a little hotter than other times of the year and generally doesn't rain. - Jan 2010

Rain for six months, dry for six months (in San Jose). - Jul 2008

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