San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We are not allowed to ride local buses, but local taxis are safe and moderately priced, and Uber is safe and cheaper. - Sep 2020

Taxis, uber, are in use and are doable. - Jul 2018

Uber is great, taxis are expensive. Buses are okay on some routes but overcrowded often. - Dec 2016

Taxis are common though pretty pricey. RSO advised never to use buses due to safety risks. - Feb 2016

Trains and buses are generally safe but crowded and deemed an unnecessary risk for U.S. embassy folk. Red taxis are generally very safe -- keeping a few of their phone numbers can come in very handy. The less official "pirate" taxis are also usually safe, and cheaper, but another unnecessary risk. - Apr 2014

Buses are off limits by RSO. And the train is not located effectively for use. Taxis are average cost. I pay approximately $16 for a 9 km trip home from the embassy to Santa Ana. - Jun 2013

There are public buses but no schedule. Some taxis are safe and affordable. - Aug 2011

Taxis are very cheap - Feb 2010

Affordable compared to the U.S. - YES. Taxi prices are going up along with fuel prices. Buses are cheap. Safe depends on your definition. Drivers, when asked, will say, yes, of course they have seat belts. Then the taxi arrives, and lo and behold, the seat belts are shoved so far under the seats as to be unusable. I had to learn to specify that I needed the seatbelts to be functional and on more than one occasion I asked the driver to demonstrate how he would go about using them since he insisted that they were there. Later I got a car. - Jul 2008

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