San Jose - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Sidewalks are nonexistent in many parts of San Jose, and accessibility is an issue at most major tourist sites. - Sep 2020

Probably. - Jul 2018

I think living here with physical disabilities would be difficult. I've never seen anyone in a wheelchair here. - Feb 2016

Yes. Access is improving but has a very long way to go. Sidewalks are spotty at best. Elevators and ramps are scarce. Disabled parking is fairly common outside of old San Jose. - Apr 2014

A lot. Sidewalks are very uneven if they exist. - Jun 2013

The roads here are horrible, worst than 3rd world countries and there are almost no sidewalks so I think it would be very difficult for someone with a physical disability to live here. - Aug 2011

Plenty. There are no sidewalks in the city. Even from the parking to the hospital, the sidewalk just stops. I think it is very hard to function if you are in a wheelchair. - Feb 2010

A number of buildings do not have elevators. - Jan 2010

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