What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

Bring you me allergy meds for springtime! - Feb 2019

We have neither, but I don't think environmental issues are bad enough to rate, and there are increasingly more and more gluten-free options available at supermarkets. - Feb 2019

Pollen in spring. - May 2018

It's damp here. Constantly. Allergies to mold and mildew could be an issue.

Food allergens are always called out on packaging and there aren't too many surprise ingredients at restaurants--one exception is that fried food is sometimes fried in tallow... but on the flipside, it's rarely fried in peanut oil. - Jan 2018

Make friends with your local pharmacist. Pharmacists here are generally solo business owners but are magical apothecaries and can heal almost anthing that ails you. - Feb 2017

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