Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

I think there are several options. - Feb 2023

Lots of charitable organizations working with immigrant communities. - Jan 2022

Many options. - Sep 2020

With churches, food banks, etc. Might be challenging if you don't speak French. - Mar 2020

I don't know. - Feb 2019

Many to be found for those who want to volunteer. - May 2018

The usual suspects of big-city volunteer work with the homeless, refugees, language learners, animal shelters, etc. It helps a lot to speak Dutch and/or French. - Jan 2018

Volunteerism is not very common among locals because they have a government cradle to grave system in place. However, there is an organization run by expats called "Serve the City" that organizes service projects once per month for the whole community. There are also some soup kitchens etc that welcome help. I have done most of my volunteering at the school, my church, and in Boy Scouts. - Aug 2014

Lots - just have to look and decide where you want to put your energy. - Jul 2014

Some available. - Jan 2014

Tons. - Jan 2014


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