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On the whole this does not seem to be a friendly city. Travel is very good and this is an easy post to do a lot of traveling. - Feb 2019

Brussels and Belgium are good places in their own right, but one of the things that makes Brussels a particularly interesting place to be is that it's full of people from all over the place. It's rare that a day goes by where I don't hear at least 5 different languages I recognize and a couple that I don't. It also makes it an interesting place to work--while you may be thinking of doing something a particular "Belgian" way instead of doing it like you'd do in the US, your counterpart might turn out to be Portuguese or Estonian. - Jan 2018

Like I said before, driving here is challenging with narrow streets, an insane law about always yielding to the right even when you are on a major road, no parking, potholes, confusing intersections etc. Other than that, it is great! - Aug 2014

The only big knock I have on Belgium is that the shopping in general kind of sucks and stuff is a lot more expensive than in the surrounding countries. I suggest going to Koln, Germany or Lille, France for bigger and better selections of clothing, as well as much better prices. Even hopping across to the UK is better for clothing purchases. - Jul 2014

Belgians can be grumpy on the surface. (Who wouldn't be if you had to live through the local weather?) But, they can be incredibly kind and welcoming if you take the time to get to know them. - Jan 2014

What people complain most about here is the customer service. I think it is getting better, but service from utility companies, shops and restaurants can be dreadful, if not plain rude at times. Nightclubs, bars and restaurants can sometimes be very frustrating places as staff work slowly and/or with inefficient systems, chat with their friends, or simply ignore you. A particularly annoying system is that at some venues one must queue twice -- once to buy a drink voucher, and then to exchange that voucher for a drink.

Landlords also gouge international tenants and it pays to bring a Belgian with you when inspecting a flat/entering into a rental contract. There is a lot of (seemingly) unnecessary and unhelpful bureaucracy, which coupled with unhelpful and surly commune officials, can make for a frustrating time. Officials will insist on only communicating in Dutch or French (the official languages). When registering or doing something at the commune, it often pays to bring a French or a Dutch speaker with you -- you'll be spared the Francophone officials' sighs and eyerolls at the standard of your French! - May 2012

Brussels, Belgium, and the Tri-Mission get a bum rap. This is a busy post, and hard work is demanded from the officers. There is the added pressure on officers due to the lack of productivity of the LES staff. However, if you can get over the weather, it's an easy place to live for families, couples and singles. - Jan 2012

If I have not made it clear ... YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT IN BRUSSELS.And I almost forgot ... ART NOUVEAU. This art and architecture form started here courtesy of Victor Horta. You will seem many buildings with this influence. They are beautiful. But then there is the Horta Museum, his old residence. Without a doubt the most amazing private home I have ever encountered. Everything in it is a work of art. Take walking tours of Art Nouveau here. Another fun thing to do. Hmmm ... must remember to put that in my book.=) - Jul 2011

An easy, safe, but rather dull posting. - Jun 2011

Don't let the weather get you down. Enjoy Belgium. When you get bored, just visit one of its neighbors. All of Europe is close-by when you are in Belgium. - Jul 2009


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