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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Lots of great international schools. Many more options than most Posts. In addition to 7 or so well-regarded international schools, you can also send your kids to the free local schools in French or Dutch. - Feb 2023

ISB was our children's favorite school. We miss it. - Jan 2022

There many options available. Schools are very competitive. We picked the British School of Brussels but most of the embassy kids attend ISB. We absolutely loved our school. It was academically challenging and logistically was very accessible from our house in Woluwe St Pierre. Our kids took the public transport home after school activities. - Sep 2020

Good availability of international schools. Most embassy kids go to the International School of Brussels, but there are kids as several other schools including the Britsh School, Brussels American School, and St Johns International School, among others. Our kids were at ISB for grades 6-8 and 9-12. We were more happy with our High School than Middle school experience. The school has excellent learning support and extracurricular activities, and generally good support for most families. The High School offers the IB Diploma for those students interested in that. - Sep 2020

Many great options. The International School of Brussels (ISB) is very highly-ranked. Our son is in first grade there and we are very pleased with the school. Others include a British school, German school, and Dept of Defense school. There is another highly-regarded international school, called St. John's, but it is in Waterloo, a bit outside (south) of the city. I think a lot of people come here for the great schools. - Mar 2020

Several good international schools. We chose St. John’s in Waterloo and are so glad we did. Academics are amazing and the school has a very family friendly welcoming atmosphere. Your kids won’t get lost and aren’t just a number. The teachers truly care and want them to excel. There is also the international school which most embassy families use. Also a British school and a DOD school. - Feb 2019

There are two main schools attended by the official American community: Brussels American School (BAS) and the International School of Brussels (ISB). Most of the military, including NATO, send their kids to the former. Embassy folk tend to send their kids to ISB. We have really liked ISB (our daughter attended 3rd through 5th grade there). Like any school, it has some issues, but the administrators have been terrific, and the teachers are mostly Canadian and American. - Feb 2019

A few school options exist. ISB is one of the better international schools you will find anywhere! - May 2018

Children of Tri-Mission personnel usually attend one of three English-language American-curriculum schools: the Brussels American School, the International School of Brussels and St. John's International School. Most U.S. DOD families send their children to Brussels American School. - Dec 2016

Several great international schools. Our sons attended the International School of Brussels for middle school and high school. We loved it and they received a top notch education. They also had the opportunity to participate in different sports, theater, choir, scouts, International Award etc. It provides options of IB or AP. Other schools include St. John's in Waterloo, British School in Tervuren, and Brussels American School in Sterrebeek (primarily used by military families). - Aug 2014

There are several options. We use ISB and our daughter LOVES it there. Of course it's the biggest school she's attended and offers more activities than our other schools have in the past. They offer both the IB and AP classes and it's as challenging academically as you want it to be. There is also St. John's international school in Waterloo that some mission kids attend. They seem to be happy with it as well. There is also the DOD school that is a good option for those that are used to the US style curriculum (Brussels American School). - Jul 2014

Tons of school options and I think most people are very happy with whatever they selected. ISB has a very good reputation. There is also the French Lycee, British School, a DOD school and many local options. - Apr 2014

No experience with schools, but the International School of Brussels is supposed to be one of the best in Europe. Many FSOs try to get jobs here for that reason alone. Most U.S. Department of Defense families are required to send their children to Brussels American School. - Jan 2014

Most seem to use ISB, but some use St. John's or local schools. - Jan 2014

The DoD school was small in number of students, but it worked well for our highschooler. He enjoyed the small class size and the opportunity for all to participate in sports and extracurricular activities. There are several other int'l schools in Brussels, and they all seem to have good reputations, but it can be hard to get in if your lead time is short. - Oct 2012

The schools are excellent. There are three options with a good split among the three. - Jan 2012

We don't have kids, but my colleagues who do seem very pleased with the schools here. - Aug 2011

I do not have school aged children, but working in the CLO office I have heard that ISB is an excellent school. Their academics, after school activities, and sports make for a well rounded eduation. And their campus, in Watermael-Boisfort) is amazing. St Johns has a reputation as being better academically but it is also further out of the city. The American School of Brussels is probably equivalent to an American public school, while the other two are definitely private school material. - Jul 2011

Several British primary schools with good reputations; only one british secondary. Several American schools; several European schools linked to the EU - Jun 2011

They exist. I have no kids. - Jun 2010

Excellent. - Jun 2010

Schools have excellent reputations, and there is a good choice between international schools because of the huge expat community. - Mar 2010

I do not have any direction expereince with the schools. My colleagues love the schools. - Jul 2009


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