Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Good air quality. - Feb 2023

I thought it was great, though outside of the city some people complained about pollen. - Jan 2022

Air quality is good, never had any issues. - Oct 2021

Good. - Sep 2020

Generally good. - Sep 2020

Good air quality. - Mar 2020

We get weekly air quality alerts from the CLO, but I’ve never really noticed it as an issue. People with allergies have some issues in the spring during pollen season but nothing too major. - Feb 2019

Air quality is not bad, but it can be a little smoggy, especially in winter. Still, it is not even close to, much less above, the recommended limits. - Feb 2019

Good. Again, lots of pollen in spring. - May 2018

Decent. It's a big city, so it has its dirty air days, especially in the summer, but nothing like some of the cities in the developing world. It rains pretty regularly and the land is flat, so pollution washes or blows away pretty quickly most of the time. - Jan 2018

Allergies can be pretty nasty but the air is fresh!! - Feb 2017

Good air quality. - Aug 2014

It's fine. The Belgians will try to tell you that the air quality is poor and that Brussels is polluted, but apparently they haven't lived where I've lived. - Jul 2014

Good, with a few days during the summer at what is considered "unhealthy" but this is rare. - Apr 2014

Moderate. Some smoggy days but my allergy problems have not been bad compared to past expat experiences. - Jan 2014

Good. - Jan 2014

Good to moderate...wet. - Oct 2012

Moderate, I think. - May 2012

The air quality is OK.It's all relative to where you lived. After living in mega-metropolitan Asian cities, this is a breeze..Lots of green parks in this city. - Jan 2012

Moderate to poor in Brussels, where most cars burn diesel, and where there is a high level or particulate matter: asthma, colds, allergies are common - Nov 2011

The air quality is fine. - Aug 2011

Air quality is good. Pollen can be a problem for allergy sufferers during the season, but other than than not much pollution. Part of the reason for that is the excellent public transit and the extensive bike paths. Make sure you live near a Metro though as the traffic can get clogged. And visit ProVelo on Rue Londre when you arrive to pick up an essential bike map of the city. - Jul 2011

Moderate - Jun 2011

moderate - when it rains, it helps clear all the stuff out of the air; I know many with allergies have problems when it DOESN'T rain - Jun 2011

Good. - Jun 2010

Good. - Jun 2010

Air quality is fine. - Mar 2010

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