Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Visiting the Dolomites. One of my favorite places in the world. - Apr 2024

Traveling though all of Belgium during Covid was a great experience to really delve into this country. Once Covid restrictions lifted, we traveled a fair amount . Sometimes we took driving trips to France and Netherlands and within Belgium but also plan trips to Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic. It's all great. - Feb 2023

Driving to the Netherlands and Germany is super easy; we loved doing that, even spontaneously on the weekend. High-speed rail to Paris! We found that Brussels was a great place to live, as in easy and comfortable and yes a little boring, but it's such a great place for Western European exploring. - Jan 2022

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed Brussels. I am a runner, and I found that I felt safe as a woman running alone almost all the time. There are beautiful parks and trails, especially in the outer communes. Traveling all over Europe was a breeze. We visited Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Denmark, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, England, and almost all on weekend trips. It is very central and easy to navigate. We loved our apartment and our neighborhood. I sobbed as we drove away on our last day. - Oct 2021

Loved the short day trips and proximity to other countries. - Sep 2020

The ease of travel around Europe was a big draw, and didn't disappoint. If you can be relatively flexible, you can often find cheap flights to major European cities, and you can drive easily to England, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, and even Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Belgian beer, chocolate, waffles and frites did not disappoint as well! There are castles, quaint ancient towns and amazing history everywhere if you are interested in finding it... - Sep 2020

The travel opportunities! Belgium itself is full of wonderful places to explore: from the well-known like Bruges to other beautiful medieval cities like Ghent and Antwerp, to lesser-known places in Wallonia like Dinant and Namur. It's super easy to get around via train or car. You can get to Paris in 1.5 hours on the Thalys, and to Amsterdam in about 2.5 hours. London via the Eurostar is a mere two hours away. It's so easy to make the most of being in the heart of Europe. We have traveled all over the place taking advantage of low cost fares to Madrid, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, and more. - Mar 2020

Traveling!!!! Leuven is a great little town about 25 minutes away and Aachen Germany is about 1 1/2 hrs away and has a TKMaxx. The Chunnel is super easy to take you to London. Munich is a six hour train ride and is AMAZING!!! - Feb 2019

So many. Every two years, Brussels hosts a flower carpet in its Grand Place. It is stunning. The bluebells at Hallerbos and the Tulips at Keukenhof, in The Netherlands, are both memorable experiences. The castles in Belgium and Luxembourg are incredible. Walking the canals in Bruges. The Festival of Lights in Antwerp's zoo. Seeing concerts at the Ancienne Belgique. Getting chocolates at the Neuhaus chocolate outlet. The lights of the Grand Place at night. Watching the Kirov Ballet. The Christmas Market in front of St. Katherine's Church. The Belgian waffles at Stockel Market. So many memories. - Feb 2019

Many short drives (by American standards; 1-2 hours) to see many places. A great place to catch up with friends passing through because it's so central, too. - May 2018

The other cities and small towns of Belgium are fun to explore, and the cheap flights to the rest of Europe are great. - Jan 2018

The parks were amazing and the city is just beautiful! If you like chocolate you are in for a treat. - Feb 2017

The castles, parks, WWII history, festivals, museums, beer, chocolate, waffles, bike trails, forests, warm wonderful Belgian people, ease of travel, I could go on and on... - Dec 2016

Sightseeing around Brussels and Europe. - Aug 2014

Travel outside of Brussels. - Apr 2014

Good food, great chocolate, unique beer locally. Interesting cities to visit include Bruges, Antwerp, Leuven, Lieges. Exploring the Ardennes and learning about Belgium's experience in the two World Wars. - Jan 2014

Seeing most of Europe. - Jan 2014

Traveling in Europe was the highlight. - Oct 2012

Amazing food, cycling across Flanders beside canals and windmills, some great nights out in Antwerp and Ghent. Brussels is so compact and public transport so good that extensive planning is not necessary and it is easy to meet up with friends on the spur of the moment for dinner or drinks. - May 2012

The outdoor markets, day trips to Luxembourg, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, etc. A three day trip down Germany's Romantic Road. - Jan 2012

Frequent forays to auctions (salles de vente) some of the best in Western Europe - Nov 2011

In two years here, I've only spent perhaps 30 percent of the weekends in Brussels. There is just so little to do here, and so many interesting places close by. We've spent numerous weekends in France, Germany, The Netherlands, etc. - Aug 2011

Highlights include the amazing variety of super high quality chocolate for everyday prices; street festivals almost year round; music festivals the same (rock, pop, and TONS of classical); high quality museum exhibits; an incredible array of children's and family activities all over the country. This city and country and GREAT places to live. Quirky whimsical, fun, just a little odd at times, and ever so interesting. - Jul 2011

Eating out in some wonderful restaurants - Jun 2011

traveling OUT of Brussels - Football games at expat bars - Jun 2011

Traveling to the Flemish cities and seeing how they are unique and different. - Jun 2010

Travel. - Jun 2010

Brussels is an easy city to live in - fantastic restaurants, good museums, and everything you want is available, though can be expensive. - Mar 2010

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