Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Honolulu, Hawaii. It takes about 3 flights with a total of 23 hours of travel. - Apr 2024

Washington, DC area. 8 1/2 hour flight. Direct flights daily, Brussels to Washington. - Feb 2023

There are lots of good flights to NYC and Washington, but we're West Coast California so that always makes for a layover. - Jan 2022

We live in the DC metro area. There are direct flights between Dulles and Brussels that take about 8 hours. We are from NY originally, and have also flown direct between Newark, JFK, and Brussels. It is easy to travel back and forth from the east coast. - Oct 2021

USA and travel was easy before 2020. - Apr 2021

Chicago is the closest airport and there were direct flights from Brussels or from Amsterdam. It is good to look around before purchasing tickets from Brussels as usually more expensive than just driving to Germany where flying out is more affordable. Remember brussels has no R&R so you are out of pocket if you want to go back to US. - Sep 2020

Boston, MA, USA. Usually about 10 hours including connections, either via other cities in Europe or through Washington. Relatively easy to travel, but no direct flights. - Sep 2020

Sacramento, CA. Non-stop flights from BRU to IAD take about 8 hours, then another 5-6 hours across the U.S. to get to my hometown. However, for those on the east coast of the U.S., there are many non-stop flights. - Mar 2020

USA. Can get a direct flight to VA, takes about eight and a half hours. - Feb 2019

Falls Church. Dulles to Brussels: the city pair flight included a stopover in either Philadelphia or London (Heathrow). We took the former. Don't remember how much time it took, but there are direct flights contracted now. - Feb 2019

The United States. It's about an 8-hour direct flight from D.C. - May 2018

Home is the western US. Brussels has flights to all the big East Coast airports, plus it's easy to connect through Amsterdam (or Paris) to get back to the US. For US government employees, United once again has the contract to DC with a non-stop. - Jan 2018

We came from Washington, DC. When we arrived to post we were able to take a direct flight. However, upon departure, the rules had changed and we had to stop in London. - Feb 2017

Mesa, Arizona - ranges from 17 - 22 hours depending on connections. Brussels to Heathrow is shortest but government fare requires we fly US Code so we connect in New York, Chicago etc. - Aug 2014

Home base for us is Oklahoma. But to get to DC from here it's only about 8 hours (which beats the heck out of the 18 hour flights to China and the 24+ hours it takes to get home from NZ. - Jul 2014

DC is home base. Easy trip from Brussels to DC at just over 8 hrs; DC to Brussels can be really fast at 6.5 hrs. Direct flight on United. - Apr 2014

Multiple direct choices per day to major cities along the East Coast of the U.S. - Jan 2014

Two direct flights to and from D.C. per day. - Jan 2014

Arizona, USA. Phoenix to Washington, D.C. to Brussels. 13 hours air time. - Oct 2012

London, two hours by Eurostar! - May 2012

Washington, direct is about 8 hours. - Jan 2012

Toronto, 7 hours, through Montreal - Nov 2011

It's about a 8 hour flight from Washington, DC. - Aug 2011

My home base is Washington DC. Flights from Brussels to DC are around 9 hours. There are not many direct connections from what I understand (I have never flown to DC from here), but from London, or Paris, or Amsterdam that is a different story. And those cities are easily accessible from Brussels by high speed Thalys or Eurostar trains. - Jul 2011

London - an easy 2 hours by eurostar 5 times a day. - Jun 2011

Minnesota - 8 hours - Jun 2011

Washington, DC and Portland, Oregon. The flight is eight hours direct on UA to DC.The flight to the West Coast can take 15-20 hours. - Jun 2010

Washington. About 6-9 hours. - Jun 2010

Washington, 6 hours direct flight. - Mar 2010

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