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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, it was ready when we moved into our house. - Feb 2023

Easy. - Jan 2022

Our internet was already in our home upon arrival. - Oct 2021

Embassy housing comes with internet set up. Otherwise it takes a day or two to set it up. Service could be better. - Sep 2020

Yes, though not always as good as would hope. Relatively quickly. - Sep 2020

Yes, and if you are with the embassy, it's already set up in your residence before you arrive. Your bill is sent to you at the embassy and you pay via bank transfer. We pay 72 euros/month for internet and home phone (mandatory). You can add TV service if you want. The landline comes with 1,000 minutes a month to the U.S. - Mar 2020

Yes, and you can typically have it ready to go before you arrive. Cost about $85 a month - Feb 2019

High-speed internet is widely available and, aside from the occasional hiccup, is pretty much problem-free. Installation is almost instantaneous. - Feb 2019

It's usually already active upon moving in, and either bundled with phone or separate. Roughly 70 euros/month. Be prepared for weird housing infrastructure limiting router placement to one location option in the house, and cement constructing meaning you can't get a wifi signal in most of the house without signal boosters everywhere. - May 2018

The embassy leaves the internet access in housing pool houses active between occupants, so it's ready on move-in. High-speed internet, cable TV, and phone cost about €70/month. - Jan 2018

We arranged through the Embassy and used Belgacom. It was installed shortly after we arrived and we had very few problems with it. - Feb 2017

If you work with GSO Housing, they will assist you to pre-register and you can have internet within a day or two after arrival! It is high-speed, reliable and +/-60 Euro per month. - Dec 2016

Yes. We pay the equivalent of about US$60 per month. - Aug 2014

Yes! Again, lots of options. We got a package deal - phone/unlimited internet/cable for about 74 euros a month. Turns out our previous occupants had the free British TV, so we mainly watch that and have given up Belgian cable. - Jul 2014

Yes, high-speed available. We pay about 85 Euros per month for internet that includes TV basic cable and telephone. - Apr 2014

We have a landline, cable and high-speed Internet with unlimited downloads through Belgacom that costs about 100 euro/month. - Jan 2014

Yes, it's decent and comparable price to D.C. You will need a VPN to stream things like NETFLIX, ESPN, etc. - Jan 2014

Yes, about 60-70 euro a month. - Oct 2012

Yes. - May 2012

See above. Internet connectivity is great. - Jan 2012

Yes, through various venders, often in packs (fixed tel line, cell line, internet and cable); check what you need carefully before committing to service - Nov 2011

Belgium is behind some of its neighbors in offering low cost alternatives for cable TV, internet and phone, but it's slowly catching up. We have a package of internet, phone, and cable TV through the local phone company and pay about 90 euros a month. We could find cheaper now, but to change would take a few weeks, most likely longer, and we dont' want to be without in the interim. - Aug 2011

A number of different companies. each has their own territory. Organized competition. We have Belgacom. It is more than fast enough. Streaming video soccer games and movies no problem. Cost is steep. About 100 euro a month. But worth it - Jul 2011

Yes - €35 per month including phone - Jun 2011

Yes - It's pretty quick - I think I spend about 50 euro/month for one of the higher speeds. - Jun 2011

Yes, and I'd say EUR 40-50/mo is normal. - Jun 2010

Yes, and it is VERY fast. About 60 euro/mo for internet/satellite tv package. - Jun 2010

Yes, it is VERY fast and about 60 - Mar 2010

Yes. Very cheap. I pay 25 euros a month for broadband service. - Jul 2009

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