Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

We use Dilveroo and Ubereats. - Apr 2024

Everything is here. Belgian, Italian, French cuisine probably most common. - Feb 2023

While we were never fans of Belgian cuisine (nice in the winter, but not regularly), we found restaurants we loved. Most were Western or European, not so much on the Asian side. We ate at home a lot. One of our complaints, though, would be restaurants demanding reservations. Even if we wanted to drop in for a quick appetizer and drink, and the restaurant was completely empty, it would be booked for the evening. They didn't seem understand this particularly American practice. - Jan 2022

Uber Eats and Deliveroo both operate in Brussels. You can get almost anything you want. Lots of sushi, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, and of course French & Belgian options. - Oct 2021

Numerous restaurants as well as services from Uber eats, deliveroo, and takeaway. - Apr 2021

Uber eats. - Sep 2020

You can find most kinds of restaurants here, but I think the ethnic options are lacking. Uber Eats and Deliveroo operate widely, and you can get many things delivered to your home. Good pizza can be expensive and hard to find compared to US, but other options are comparable. - Sep 2020

Brussels is a very international city so you can find any kind of cuisine imaginable. Food delivery services are very popular. For nicer restaurants, reservations are recommended. We like going to neighborhood places that are more casual. There are a lot of great Italian places where you can get a big margherita pizza for 8-10 euros. They have Pizza Hut and Dominos here but I have no idea why anyone would go there when you can get real, wood-fired Italian pizza all over the place. Lots of restaurants don't open for dinner until 7:00 pm. Dinner can take a couple of hours. Most places close by 10:00 pm. - Mar 2020

Most food can be delivered but be prepared for 45-75 minute wait time. They have local US chains, Pizza Hut, Domino's, McDonald’s and Burger King, but be forewarned, all are expensive. A Big Mac meal will cost you $11. my family of 4 can’t get out of McDonald’s for fewer than $35-40. - Feb 2019

We don't order much food here, but I know you can order pizza, sushi, kebab, etc. There is the full gamut of fast food available here. - Feb 2019

Pretty much any type you want, but nothing is fast (don't go out to eat if you want to be in and out in an hour), or cheap (30 euros/$40 for three people at McDonald's is easily a low-ball estimate; easily $100 for a family of three at a local "pub"). Also, for the most part, "customer service" isn't really a thing here. Oh, and ALWAYS make a reservation! It's hard to just walk in and get a table, so a last-minute "Let's eat out!" idea won't always work. Even if a place looks empty, they'll ask if you have a reservation. - May 2018

The usual range of restaurants is available here--local food, French, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, burgers, etc etc. There aren't a lot of "fast casual" restaurants here, so there's not a lot between a kebab shop or "frituur" and a regular sit-down restaurant. Prices are similar enough to the US when you remember that tax is included and service is generally included here (and when it's not, it's usually 12% and it's clearly mentioned on the menu). - Jan 2018

Anything you want you can find from pizza to Thai to sushi...its endless. Most communes have neighborhood restaurants within walking distance. When ordering takeout, we found the website to be the most helpful. Don't let the name fool you, it's not just pizza. They even send you email updates when a new restaurant joins their site. - Feb 2017

There are too many to list! Again, our home is in the suburbs, but even so there are Belgian, Chinese, Thai, and Italian restaurants we can walk to that do a brisk business with both eat-in and carry-out food. I imagine the selection is even more plentiful if you live closer to town. You will not find "fast food" per se and NO drive-through anything. - Dec 2016

Yes. Very expensive to eat out. - Aug 2014

McDonalds - value meal is around 7 euros give or take a few. Pizza Hut - with coupons, 3 pizzas cost about 18 euros. There is also Quick - the European fast food chain. We like it, but we've lived in countries where the fast food is pretty nasty. Just don't eat the churros - they apparently have no idea what churros are supposed to taste like. There is Subway here too. There is a Burger King at the base. KFC can be found in the Netherlands and just about every country surrounding us. In fact they have a lot more fast food restaurants in the all the other countries than are found here in Belgium. It's weird. - Jul 2014

McDonald's, of course. There is also Subway and now we have a few Starbucks in the area. Sandwiches are fairly common for lunch and can range from 3-5 Euros each. Decent restaurants are not cheap and a dinner for two can easily run 100 Euros. - Apr 2014

Quick is the Belgian version of McDonalds. Lots of frites shops as well as Turkish snack shops. Brussels is an international city and almost every cuisine imaginable is available. I think restaurant costs are rather high compared to neighboring countries. - Jan 2014

Very few American style chains exist here. There's Pizza Hut, and a couple of others, but not all over. Food is quite expensive. The few exceptions are wine, beer, bread, and cheese. - Jan 2014

Quick Burger (not so good), Burger King at the U.S. Base, 1 or 2 McDonald's, Pizza Hut. Not a lot of fast food in Belgium. Lots of restaurants, though, but they are expensive for the most part. - Oct 2012

Everything from McDonald's to Michelin-starred restaurants, with prices for every budget. Maybe a shortage of places which do takeout or deliver to your place... you have to wait a while for your Chinese/Indian/Pizza. - May 2012

All of them. The Shawarma places that are all over the city are a real gem for a cheap lunch. The Belgians don't each much processed food, which is fantastic. - Jan 2012

Pizza Hut, McDonald, Domino's Pizza, but why bother when so many thousands of good restaurants exist? - Nov 2011

If you like to dine out, Brussels is a great city for that as there are tons and tons of excellent restaurants. Be prepared to pay more than you'd pay in Washington, however. But the quality makes it worth it. - Aug 2011

Going out for food is expensive here. But there are places, generally immigrant run swarma, pita, pizza, places that will not break the bank. As low as 5 euro a person. There's also Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds and other chains. But why even go there? Restaurants abound. But many can cost upwards of 30 euro a person without drinks. - Jul 2011

MacDonald's, KFC in the city centre. Pizza Hut and Quick (Belgian Hamburger joint) everywhere. Too many decent restaurants to mention - not cheap though - you could spend a lot of mooney eating out here. Belgians love their food and are prepared to pay for it. - Jun 2011

A number of places: Subway, McDonald's, Quick, many doner kebab places, waffle trucks, and of course, frites stands!Prices are more expensive than the US, but you get used to it - Jun 2011

McDonald's and Quick are fast-food joints, and a meal is probably EUR 6. Belgian and international restaurants are everywhere, and go from EUR 15 to EUR 80 a person. - Jun 2010

Enough fast food that you won't miss McDonald's! Cost is about the same as in the U.S. - Jun 2010

Yes, from McDs to local stuff. Cost about 1.5x price in US. - Mar 2010

The usual American fast food like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino's, and one Starbucks at the airport. - Jul 2009

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