Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Belgium is very LGBT friendly. - Apr 2024

I would guess so. - Feb 2023

I never saw this as a problem for my LGBT colleagues. - Jan 2022

Yes. We had great friends who were LGBT and loved their time in Brussels. There is a big LGBT community, pride parade, and bars downtown. - Oct 2021

It think there are decent opportunities but am not sure. I know the ISB community has a significant LGBT community. - Sep 2020

Yes. - Mar 2020

No idea, but they have a gay pride parade every year so probably. - Feb 2019

Yes. See above. I haven't investigated it, but I am sure there is a robust scene here for LGBTQ folk. There is an annual gay pride parade. - Feb 2019

I think so. - May 2018

Definitely. While there's still some prejudice here and there, the vast majority of the population is accepting of LGBT people--probably more so than the US. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal. - Jan 2018

Brussels is very LGBT friendly. There is a whole quarter of downtown that caters to the LGBT community. - Dec 2016

It is a wonderful city for LGTB expats. We just attended the biggest Pride celebration I have ever been to (well, I'm not from NY or LA, so I can't compare it to those places) and there is a lot of support and opportunity for the community. - Jul 2014

Not sure but I imagine yes. - Apr 2014

Yes. - Jan 2014

Probably. - Jan 2014

Yes. - Oct 2012

While a very tolerant country, the gay scene in Brussels isn't very big (or good), and the lesbian scene almost negligible. While native Belgians are generally not homophobic, there have been a number of attacks on gay men/venues by immigrant youths. - May 2012

Sure. It's Europe. - Jan 2012

I believe so. - Aug 2011

As I said earlier, this is a GREAT city for gays. I say this even though I am not gay. But having lived in Dupont Circle in DC for 20 some years, I can say that Brussels has an equally well developed gay neighborhood down just off the Grand Place (gays always seem to pick the best neighborhoods), and the Gay Pride Parade is a blast. There was a recent incident of a gay tourist and his lover getting attacked. Maybe because the lunkheads who did it saw them offering each other a little too much PDA. But that is the exception. The rule is Brussels is a great place to be, gay or straight. - Jul 2011

Yes - Jun 2011

It seems fine - I've been out with friends to a few gay bars and it seems like it's a hopping scene - Jun 2011

It is a good, comfy location. It is smaller and friendlier than DC, though with a similar government-style demographic because of the EU.The gays are very much into the scene and do not leave their neighborhood or explore non-gay travel easily. - Jun 2010

Don't know, but would expect so. - Jun 2010

Yes. - Jul 2009

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