Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Peanut butter. Americans are uniquely good at making delicious, unhealthy peanut butter (Peter Pan, Jiffy), but overall, everything is available here. - Feb 2023

None. - Jan 2022

There is a US commissary about an hour from Brussels, so there was no real need to ship a lot. We continued to buy American peanut butter and beef. Belgian beef is not good, in my opinion. - Oct 2021

None. - Sep 2020

None. Anything you can't find here or is more expensive here, you can order online, especially if you have APO/DPO access. There are European online outlets for those without US mail privileges. - Sep 2020

Nothing really. You can get it all here with having access to the base. - Feb 2019

Maybe more Chinese items and some paper goods, especially since we have a lot of storage space. We order things online, so it is mostly liquids you need to make sure you have enough of: shampoo, caffeine-free soda, etc. - Feb 2019

Nothing. With access to the commissary at Chièvres (45 minutes away), there's a "U.S. store" nearby. - May 2018

Nothing. It might've been easier to have shipped a huge stash of Mexican groceries and peanut butter, but I can get whatever I need here. - Jan 2018

Coconut oil, deodorant/antiperspirant, and Marsala cooking wine. Also, makeup and nail polish cost a fortune so ship what you need in HHE! - Feb 2017

Everything can be purchased locally or later through Amazon or other online retailers. Kids' toys tend to be on the expensive side so perhaps think ahead if you need something. - Apr 2014

Maybe boutique liquors and food items from back home. Everything is available and almost anything can be shipped via APO. - Jan 2014

Patio furniture. - Jan 2014

Sun lamp, airline tickets to Potugal or Spain for a sun fix, rain boots and umbrellas. - Oct 2012

You can buy it all here, more or less. - May 2012

Bikes! This isn't as much of a biking town as Amsterdam, but there are still a lot of bike paths throughout the city. As far as food, everything you need you can get at the Commissary or locally. - Jan 2012

peanut butter, maple syrup, molasses, baking powder,spice/cake mixes,personal care products (much more expensive here) - Nov 2011

Nothing - you can get anything you want here. - Aug 2011

You can buy most things you need on the local economy, but they are expensive. But embassy folks always have the PX at the base. I guess my answer would be nothing really. You can get almost everything you want on the local economy. And more. - Jul 2011

Household cleaning products - very expensive here. - Jun 2011

I'd ship portable air conditioners - when it gets hot, it's horrible. And I wouldn't ship my car. - Jun 2011

I buy most personal-care products through U.S. mail. - Jun 2010

Nothing. - Jun 2010

Nothing, all is available on the market and we can also shop at a base 1 hr away. - Mar 2010

Nothing. They have everything here. - Jul 2009


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