Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We used DPO with no issues. Takes about a week from the time the packages reach the Chicago distribution center. - Oct 2021

Either by Bpost or through USPS locations through the embassy. - Apr 2021

We used the DPO at the embassy or APO at NATO. I also used the local post office if we ordered things from the internet. works great. Other online stores deliver within the EU. - Sep 2020

We use the Embassy DPO for US mail, but BPost, the Belgian postal service works well for any local mail or packages. - Sep 2020

DPO at Embassy but Belgian Post is fine. - Mar 2020

DPO and regular pouch. You can also order from local vendors ( and have delivered to either your home or the embassy. - Feb 2019

We use the DPO and pouch. - Feb 2019

DPO is pretty fast (one week?) back and forth to the U.S. - May 2018

DPO for mail and packages from the US. It takes about an extra week vs. getting mail to a 'real' US address. The local postal service isn't perfect, but it's perfectly adequate (no worse than USPS). Packages don't get left on your doorstep, no matter how safe it looks--some delivery companies will try to deliver to the neighbors. The postal service leaves a note in the letterbox and you pick it up at the post office.

Both and deliver free to Belgium if you buy over €29 worth of stuff. - Jan 2018

Yes, we used the mail service at the Embassy (DPO) but were also given privileges to use the mailroom at the USAG base in Brussels. - Feb 2017

DPO & diplomatic pouch. We have used the local post for ordering through Amazon in the UK and Germany on occasion. It is fast and reasonable. - Dec 2016

DPO and pouch. - Aug 2014

DPO and pouch. I did order a prom dress from the UK, but paid customs fees on it. - Jul 2014

DPO and pouch. DPO is really fast here - can take as little as 1 week to receive something from Amazon. Pouch can take about 3 weeks. - Apr 2014

APO and DPO is available. Bringing in items with lithium batteries has been a problem. - Jan 2014

DPO . - Jan 2014

Used U.S. APO - Oct 2012

Belgian postal service works fine. - May 2012

The DPO service is excellent. - Jan 2012

by Belgian mail - Nov 2011

We get most of our mail by DPO. Some of my expat friends have reported problems getting packages via the local post office. - Aug 2011

APO for embassy folks. Regular mail for the rest. Regular mail can be expensive. - Jul 2011

By diplomatic bag. - Jun 2011

APO - It's fairly quick - Jun 2011

Through the embassy. - Jun 2010

APO, DPO. Usually takes 1 week. - Jun 2010

APO. - Mar 2010

APO and Diplomatic Pouch. I have used the local post office to send packages to the US and it is very reasonable. It is quicker than the USPS ! - Jul 2009

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