Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO and Pouch available. Local mail seems fine, mailed things within Belgium and to France and Netherlands with no problem. When I refinanced a house in US, used FedEx to send time-sensitive papers, which worked well. For things to further parts of Europe, mail can be expensive. When I tried to mail something from Brussels to Italy (not cheap postage), te the package never made it, not sure if Belgian or Italian post service lost it. - Feb 2023

DPO and Belgian post was good for European delivery as well. - Jan 2022

We used DPO with no issues. Takes about a week from the time the packages reach the Chicago distribution center. - Oct 2021

Either by Bpost or through USPS locations through the embassy. - Apr 2021

We used the DPO at the embassy or APO at NATO. I also used the local post office if we ordered things from the internet. works great. Other online stores deliver within the EU. - Sep 2020

We use the Embassy DPO for US mail, but BPost, the Belgian postal service works well for any local mail or packages. - Sep 2020

DPO at Embassy but Belgian Post is fine. - Mar 2020

DPO and regular pouch. You can also order from local vendors ( and have delivered to either your home or the embassy. - Feb 2019

We use the DPO and pouch. - Feb 2019

DPO is pretty fast (one week?) back and forth to the U.S. - May 2018

DPO for mail and packages from the US. It takes about an extra week vs. getting mail to a 'real' US address. The local postal service isn't perfect, but it's perfectly adequate (no worse than USPS). Packages don't get left on your doorstep, no matter how safe it looks--some delivery companies will try to deliver to the neighbors. The postal service leaves a note in the letterbox and you pick it up at the post office.

Both and deliver free to Belgium if you buy over €29 worth of stuff. - Jan 2018

Yes, we used the mail service at the Embassy (DPO) but were also given privileges to use the mailroom at the USAG base in Brussels. - Feb 2017

DPO & diplomatic pouch. We have used the local post for ordering through Amazon in the UK and Germany on occasion. It is fast and reasonable. - Dec 2016

DPO and pouch. - Aug 2014

DPO and pouch. I did order a prom dress from the UK, but paid customs fees on it. - Jul 2014

DPO and pouch. DPO is really fast here - can take as little as 1 week to receive something from Amazon. Pouch can take about 3 weeks. - Apr 2014

APO and DPO is available. Bringing in items with lithium batteries has been a problem. - Jan 2014

DPO . - Jan 2014

Used U.S. APO - Oct 2012

Belgian postal service works fine. - May 2012

The DPO service is excellent. - Jan 2012

by Belgian mail - Nov 2011

We get most of our mail by DPO. Some of my expat friends have reported problems getting packages via the local post office. - Aug 2011

APO for embassy folks. Regular mail for the rest. Regular mail can be expensive. - Jul 2011

By diplomatic bag. - Jun 2011

APO - It's fairly quick - Jun 2011

Through the embassy. - Jun 2010

APO, DPO. Usually takes 1 week. - Jun 2010

APO. - Mar 2010

APO and Diplomatic Pouch. I have used the local post office to send packages to the US and it is very reasonable. It is quicker than the USPS ! - Jul 2009


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