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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. If you want English, need to go through your kids' school. If you are willing to do them in French or Dutch, then you can tap into the local options, which are government subsidized and therefore cheap. - Feb 2023

Yes, lots. - Jan 2022

Yes, there many activities available in the local language. During the breaks they are being advertise as "stage". The price is similar to the ones in US. - Sep 2020

Yes, though most are in French or Dutch. There are some in English, but harder to find. - Sep 2020

Yes, any type of sports or activity you can think of is available but most will be French only. The international schools offer a full complement of after school activities that you pay extra for. Almost every commune has its own sports center with pool, tennis courts, sports fields, etc. and they offer a variety of classes and activities for adults and kids (again - in French). - Mar 2020

Yes, both at schools and the local community. - Feb 2019

Yes. ISB has myriad after-school activities to choose from. Each commune has its own programs, as well. And, of course, there is a vast private community of resources. For instance, our daughter takes once-weekly tap dance lessons. These are given by a local British woman. We also found a piano teacher locally. - Feb 2019

Yes. All sorts. - May 2018

Lots through the international schools and through the English speaking Brussels Sports Association. - Aug 2014

All the schools have great sports programs and there are lots of clubs on the local economy that our kids can join as well. - Jul 2014

Yes, tons of options. When kids have school vacations, there are lots of options for "camps" or "stages" as they are called - anything from rock climbing to theatre to tennis, etc. Prices are typically from 135 Euros - 200 Euros for the week, depending on the camp. - Apr 2014

Multiple. - Jan 2014

Yes, there are lots of sports opportunities for kids. - Jan 2014

Yup. - May 2012

Yes!I SB even offers an American Football program! - Jan 2012

Sports programs for kids galore at the schools, at USAG, and with each commune. If you mean organized sports for high school aged kids, then ISB is the route to go. They even have a US football team. - Jul 2011

Yes - but usually connected with schools - Jun 2011

Yes. - Jun 2010

Yes. - Jul 2009

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