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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

We use the gym at USAG Brussels, it is free. - Apr 2024

There is one popular chain (Basic Fit) that people say is fine and not too expensive. There are also private tennis/pool clubs that some people use and I think the prices range from moderate to super expensive. Diplomatic missions likely have small, cramped gyms, as well. - Feb 2023

Not as many as in the US but I'm sure they're fine. - Jan 2022

There are a few local gyms. The most popular one is Basic Fit. There are also lots of yoga studios. Radiant Light yoga is a studio with classes in English owned by an American; I used throughout my time there. However, the best option for members of the diplomatic community is the free gym at USAG. Get your ID and you have access to an awesome facility. It was not very well known about people in the community, but it's where I went throughout my three years there. It's a large and well stocked facility that also offers free classes when someone in the community can teach them. No need to spend money on a gym membership. - Oct 2021

Basic Fit gyms. - Apr 2021

I worked at NATO so I simply used the staff center there that was fairly affordable. There are great facilities all over the city though with or without pools. - Sep 2020

Embassy personnel have access to the USAG gym which is free and offers exercise classes as well. There are local gyms as well but tend to be expensive. Sports clubs for team sports are available for all ages and are not especially expensive. - Sep 2020

Basic Fit is a chain with branches everywhere and it is cheap, around 20 or 25 euros/month. More expensive clubs include Aspria and David Lloyd, upward of 200 euro/month. - Mar 2020

Embassy has a very tiny gym. Some higher end expensive gyms around but Basic Fit is a big chain hat you can have membership for about $25 a month. They pretty much everything you need, but they don’t tend to open early (8am during the week and 9am on weekends). - Feb 2019

There are local gyms. Many people use the facilities at the embassy. - Feb 2019

Small gym at the Embassy and access to USAG facilities. Lots of local gyms around, too, varying from less expensive YMCA-type local clubs to proper "gyms." - May 2018

The embassy has a small gym and the Army garrison has a bigger gym, both of which are free to use. Not sure about price of local gyms. - Jan 2018

There's a broad range. You can join Basic Fit for very low cost, but there are also high end clubs. If you are into CrossFit there are boxes all over the city. - Feb 2017

Most communes have their own sports facility or fitness center. They typically include pool, tennis, racquetball and have space for classes such as gymnastics or dance. You can use any facility, but the prices for the one in your OWN commune will be less. You can pay per use or buy cards for multi-use. There are also MANY gyms. The most plentiful one is Basic Fit - There is also a small (free) gym on the Embassy compound, a large one at NATO and another at USAG. - Dec 2016

There are some available. I only use the one at the military garrison - which is free and quite well developed. - Aug 2014

There are a ton of gyms here, but I do find the membership fees to be pretty expensive. The Army Garrison located in one of the eastern communes has a gym, however, that is free to use for those who have access (most Tri-mission personnel and their families). I go there for yoga and my daughter uses the cardio machines. There are other classes as well, and just about every sort of gym equipment you would want to use. - Jul 2014

Yes, lots of options ranging anywhere from 70 Euros per month and up to 150 Euros for a fancy tennis club with pool. I understand NATO has good facilities but those are not accessible to all USG employees. - Apr 2014

Local gyms are available but I've never used them. NATO employees have access to good facilities at the Staff Centre. U.S. government employees can access a great gym at the local Army facility. There are a range of good, low-cost indoor pools throughout the city. - Jan 2014

Yes, the Tri-mission has a very small one. Gyms here are expensive with terrible hours. - Jan 2014

Yes, although expensive and primarily indoors due to the weather. - Oct 2012

Yes, loads of gyms. Sad lack of an outdoor swimming pool, but there are lots of reasonably-priced indoor pools. - May 2012

There are a range of options. An adequate gym near my apartment downtown offers memberships for 15 Euros per month. - Jan 2012

yes but expensive - Nov 2011

The embassy has a workout facility. There are also numerous gyms throughout the Brussels area, though I'm told they can be expensive. - Aug 2011

The embassy has a very small gym. USAG-Brussels to which embassy folks can get a badge has an excellent gym. Otherwise there are tons of different gyms all over the city. - Jul 2011

Yes - Jun 2011

NATO has a full array of facilities. Many people use USAG's facilities as well - Jun 2011

There are, from medium priced EUR 65/mo up to EUR 120/mo. - Jun 2010

Yes. - Jun 2010

Yes. - Mar 2010

Yes. - Jul 2009

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