Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Buy Derek Blythe's various books e.g. Hidden Belgium, Hidden Brussels, Hidden Flanders, etc. Lots of hidden gems in Belgium, and closer parts of Germany and Netherlands, which are so close they feel like "local trips." - Feb 2023

Beer, chocolate, waffles. - Jan 2022

There are a lot of cool hike and bike experiences in Belgium. Biking through water, biking in the trees, and the troll hunt hike are a few of our favorites. Each year in September, Brussels does a car free Sunday where the entire city becomes pedestrian only. - Oct 2021

Too many... Bruge, Gent, the Hague ... - Sep 2020

People love day trips to Bruges and Ghent, Amsterdam, Paris and London are just a few hours away. Christmas markets in Belgium and Germany. Brewery tours, cheese tours, tulips in the spring. Hiking. - Sep 2020

Visit the beautiful city of Dinant, about an hour from Brussels. Take the chocolate making workshop at Laurent Gerbaud in Brussels. Visit the new Wolf Food Hall in downtown, a fun upscale food court. Get the book "Hidden Brussels" for all sorts of recommendations. For great coffee, visit OR Coffee at Place Jourdan. Check out the awesome weekend markets at Place Dumon in Stockel, and at Place Wiener in Watermael-Boitfort. - Mar 2020

Wallibi is a decent amusement park that used to be owned by Six Flags. My kids also love Center Parks. You can find them all over Europe and are a nice break especially in the winter. They are basically fancy camping parks except instead of campers you stay in concrete little bungalows. There is a huge indoor waterpark that is included in the price and then there are a ton of extras from paintball to water skiing to a sailing. - Feb 2019

See above - Feb 2019

If you like antiques/flea markets, there are "brocantes" all over the place! And they're a good excuse to explore the area. If you're into WWI and WWII history, there are loads of museums, battlefields, etc. - May 2018

Not many gems stay hidden in the internet age. Visiting other cities in the area, eating food, drinking beer, etc. are all great things to do. - Jan 2018

Too many to count - museums, beach, historical sites (like Waterloo, Brugges, etc.) forests, river rafting with in reasonable distance, etc etc etc. - Aug 2014

See my entry above on "advantages of living here" - Bouillon, Ghent, Dinant, Maasmechlen, Bruges, Abbaye d'Villers, Oostende, Namur, Liege, Tongeren - the list just goes on... - Jul 2014

Hard to say - there are lots of fun things to do but while Brussels is a relatively nice place to live; this isn't Paris or London! - Apr 2014

Sampling the various types of chocolate, beer and gin throughout the country. Hikes in the Ardennes. Looking for interesting antiques. - Jan 2014

There's soooo much to do and see and you can do it by car, train, or plane. - Jan 2014

Trapist Monk monestaries for beer, chocolate shops, lace shops, frites, waffles, walking in the rain. Leaving the city and seeing Europe. - Oct 2012

Beautiful cycling trips through Flanders, weekends in the Ardennes hills, shopping in Antwerp. - May 2012

You can get anywhere in Europe by train, car, or budget airline. Also, I had low expectations about the city of Brussels and Belgium, but it has pleasantly surprised me. It's a easy place to live and the Belgians are fairly polite in public. The food is excellent. - Jan 2012

Museums, theatre, music venues. - Nov 2011

As mentioned above, the best thing to do in Brussels is to go somewhere else. - Aug 2011

Way too many to enumerate. Seriously. There is something happening at least every weekend in Brussels and Beyond. You will NEVER be bored here. Ever. - Jul 2011

Museums, art galleries, restaurants, cafes. - Jun 2011

Travel, check out festivals, go shopping - Jun 2011

Food, beer, chocolate, museums, clubs, bars, parks. Short train rides to Antwerp, Gent, Leuven or Brugges. - Jun 2010

Tourism, art, movies. So much to do. - Jun 2010

Sightsee, eat, go to museums, travel. - Mar 2010

Museums, battlefields, shopping, biking, hiking, and the list goes on. If you are bored here then you are not trying. - Jul 2009


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