What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

No idea, but I know some of the students have special needs. - Feb 2019

International School of Brussels has one of the best programs for special needs kids in Europe. It has programs for kids on both ends of the spectrum. - Aug 2014

ISB has a great program for special needs kids. I don't know about the other schools. - Jul 2014

Lots of special accommodations available though I'm unsure of specifics. - Jan 2014

ISB seems to do a good job, I'm not sure about other schools. - Jan 2014

Brussels American School (DoD) had 2+ teachers dedicated to teaching kids with special needs. The program worked well for our child, but may not be "enough" for others. - Oct 2012

The Int.'l School of Brussels has more special needs curriculum that any other international school I have seen in the Foreign Service. - Jan 2012

They are very accommodating and have specially-trained teachers - Jun 2011

The same as the US. - Jul 2009

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