Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. - Feb 2023

None. - Jan 2022

Nothing unusual. There are no window screens, so we did end up with a lot of mosquitoes and spiders in our place in the warmer months. - Oct 2021

No issues. - Apr 2021

I am not aware of any problems. - Sep 2020

Not that I know of. - Sep 2020

Not that I know of. Most places don't have window screens so I'm sure bugs and gnats are an issue in the warmer months. We are fortunate to have screens on our windows. - Mar 2020

None, except bees in the spring. They were really bad this past year and almost none of the housing have screens on the window. None have air conditioning so opening the windows is a must!! - Feb 2019

I don't know what experiences others have had, but our townhouse is in Woluwe Park, so we get a lot of mosquitoes, flies, spiders, lacewings, and ladybugs. We have also have had problems with mice. The embassy has tried to help with the mice, but no solution has proved effective. As for the bugs, we have not received assistance. I've purchased screening material locally and tried to craft screening. Unfortunately, our French windows make a permanent screen impossible, and all the windows are non-standard sizes. It gets hot in the summer and since there is no air conditioning, one must leave windows open. Bugs are unavoidable. - Feb 2019

Window screens are basically non-existent (same with A/C), so be ready for bugs in the house if you want fresh air or cool air during the warmer days. Really, though, there aren't too many bugs, as this isn't Africa! :) - May 2018

Nope. Most windows don't have screens and most people still don't get eaten by mosquitoes. - Jan 2018

Brussels felt virtually bug free. We left windows wide open and they don't even have screens. It was incredible. - Feb 2017

No insect problems at ALL!! We leave windows open in the summer all day and night (There is NO A/C in most housing)and have never had any unwanted critters. With as wet as it can be here, I thoroughly expected more mosquitoes and have been pleasantly surprised at their lack. - Dec 2016

No insect problems other than flies and some mosquitoes since we have no screens or A/C and must leave windows open in the summer. - Aug 2014

There seems to be a incredible number of spiders here. But the mosquitos aren't too bad. I am very grateful for this, as there are no screens on the windows in housing here. - Jul 2014

We seem to be the only people with this problem but because our home has a fairly good size garden, we have tons of mosquitoes. Also, lots of snails around! - Apr 2014

None really. Some mosquitos during warmer months. - Jan 2014

Very few, even with windows open most of the year. - Jan 2014

None. - Oct 2012

None. - May 2012

None - Jan 2012

Very little. - Aug 2011

None - Jul 2011

Nil - Jun 2011

I've had a few problems with insects here, due to the fact that there is no air conditioning, and not screens on the windows. I've woken up with itchy bug bites because of sleeping with my window open. - Jun 2011

None. - Jun 2010

None really. Mosquitoes in summer. - Jun 2010

None. - Mar 2010

None. - Jul 2009

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