Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

No, our sixth post. We’ve lived everywhere from Baku to Brazil to Moscow and more. - Feb 2019

No. I have spent most of my life overseas. - Feb 2019

Five posts on three other continents. - May 2018

First time living abroad. - Jan 2018

Yes, this was my first post and my first time overseas. - Feb 2017

This is a third tour after Arabia and South Central Asia. - Dec 2016

No. Athens, Greece; Colombia (various cities); Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Frankfurt, Germany - Aug 2014

No it's our 6th. Haiti, Oman, Mongolia, Zambia, New Zealand were our previous postings. - Jul 2014

This is the second. Previously in Moscow. - Apr 2014

Nope. I've lived in several European, Middle East and African cities. - Jan 2014

Yes. - Jan 2014

A fourth expat experience, after New York, Sydney and Cologne. - May 2012

Seventh - Jan 2012

Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago, Washington, Santiago, Barbados, Bergen, Abidjan - Nov 2011

I've also served in Nairobi, Bonn, Paris, Ankara. - Aug 2011

Have lived in Canada, England, Italy, Denmark, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Turkey for almost 20 years of experience outside the US. - Jul 2011

No- lived in Scandinavia, Africa, Latin America, and the Balkans - Jun 2011

No - Abuja, Nigeria - Jun 2011

I have lived in Madrid, Kabul, Guangzhou, Taipei, and Beijing. - Jun 2010

No. Ottawa, Mexico City, Canberra, Bogota, and Belgrade. - Jun 2010

No, I have lived overseas for over 10 years. - Mar 2010

Waegwan, South Korea. Libreville, Gabon. Pretoria, South Africa. Kabul, Afghanistan. - Jul 2009

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