Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

This was our first overseas posting. - Oct 2021

Brussels was my first post. - Apr 2021

No, this was our fourth tour. We previously lived in Sarajevo, Jerusalem, and Tirana. - Sep 2020

No, this is our third overseas tour. We have also lived in Tokyo and Brasilia. - Sep 2020

Third post with State, other locations lived as an expat include Melbourne, Santo Domingo (DR), Berlin, and Munich - Mar 2020

No, our sixth post. We’ve lived everywhere from Baku to Brazil to Moscow and more. - Feb 2019

No. I have spent most of my life overseas. - Feb 2019

Five posts on three other continents. - May 2018

First time living abroad. - Jan 2018

Yes, this was my first post and my first time overseas. - Feb 2017

This is a third tour after Arabia and South Central Asia. - Dec 2016

No. Athens, Greece; Colombia (various cities); Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Frankfurt, Germany - Aug 2014

No it's our 6th. Haiti, Oman, Mongolia, Zambia, New Zealand were our previous postings. - Jul 2014

This is the second. Previously in Moscow. - Apr 2014

Nope. I've lived in several European, Middle East and African cities. - Jan 2014

Yes. - Jan 2014

A fourth expat experience, after New York, Sydney and Cologne. - May 2012

Seventh - Jan 2012

Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago, Washington, Santiago, Barbados, Bergen, Abidjan - Nov 2011

I've also served in Nairobi, Bonn, Paris, Ankara. - Aug 2011

Have lived in Canada, England, Italy, Denmark, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Turkey for almost 20 years of experience outside the US. - Jul 2011

No- lived in Scandinavia, Africa, Latin America, and the Balkans - Jun 2011

No - Abuja, Nigeria - Jun 2011

I have lived in Madrid, Kabul, Guangzhou, Taipei, and Beijing. - Jun 2010

No. Ottawa, Mexico City, Canberra, Bogota, and Belgrade. - Jun 2010

No, I have lived overseas for over 10 years. - Mar 2010

Waegwan, South Korea. Libreville, Gabon. Pretoria, South Africa. Kabul, Afghanistan. - Jul 2009

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