Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

If you like European fashion, it's cheaper here. Time to stock up on those Louis Vutton bags:) - Feb 2023

We didn't find anything particularly unique. - Jan 2022

Belgium is known for their lace and tapestry, so some people go for that. We went for Belgian beer and Champagne instead. - Oct 2021

Beer, embroidery. - Sep 2020

Yes, but I am not sure what. - Sep 2020

Belgium is known for its tapestries and lace but these are not things I'm into. Most people buy chocolate and of course you must do so when you're here. My favorite is Pierre Marcolini but the others are also very good. Don't miss the speculoos...delicious spice cookies, especially at Maison Dandoy. Get fresh, warm waffles from waffle trucks. And don't forget about Belgian beer and frites (french fries)! - Mar 2020

Tapestry is their big ticket item here. Things are pretty expensive here from food to items. You have to look hard but you can find some decent deals at flea markets and garage sales. Belgians LOVE their garage sales and have them weekly. - Feb 2019

Not that I'm aware of. - Feb 2019

Not so much. Many of the best "Belgian" things are consumable e.g., beer, chocolate, and fries! - May 2018

Not really... most of the goods on offer in European stores aren't all that different from those in North American stores. The chocolate lives up to its reputation, though! - Jan 2018

Avenue Louise has amazing shopping with everything from Zara to Chanel, Tiffany's and Louis Vuitton. - Feb 2017

The big things in Belgium are the tapestries, lace and chocolate. - Dec 2016

Chocolate, tapestries, handmade lace, waffles. - Aug 2014

Chocolate, beer, lace, tapestries, pastries - trips to seriously cool places. - Jul 2014

Beer, chocolate, tapestry, lace - Apr 2014

Chocolate, beer, lace, antiques, artwork. - Jan 2014

Loads of delicious, unique beer and chocolate and Christmas markets. - Jan 2014

Belgian lace, chocolates, beer. - Oct 2012

Chocolate, beer, amazing patisserie. - May 2012

Travel, travel, and more travel. - Jan 2012

Belgian lace, antiques, beer..... - Aug 2011

Chocolate. Waffles. Beer. Frittes. Antiques (Waterloo Market Sundays, Tongeron Market Sundays)Lace (all over), Pottery (Delft), Bande Dessine (Graphic novels - Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke) - Jul 2011

Wine, chocolate, food.... - Jun 2011

chocolates, fries, lace, and beer! - Jun 2011

Beer, chocolate. . . . - Jun 2010

Beer, chocolate, lace. - Jun 2010

Chocolate, diamonds, tapestries, lace, and antiques. - Jul 2009


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