Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

No. - Aug 2014

Not really. But if you shop at the base for groceries you can mitigate the sting of the cost of living. - Jul 2014

Only if you are very frugal. - Apr 2014

Sure, if you buy all your food at the commissary, don't eat out and go home every night, but who wants to do that? - Jan 2014

This isn't the place to save money. The travel opportunities are too fantastic plus the cost of living is high. - Jan 2014

If you travel, probably not. - Oct 2012

Yes, it is so much cheaper than London, I saved a packet. - May 2012

Not really, but no one comes here to save money. Everyone spends their money traveling throughout Europe. - Jan 2012

Some, if you don't partake in the cultural life - Nov 2011

No, but why would you come to Europe to save money?Go out and see what there is to see and when you're in Brussels, get out of your house live like a European. It's a great lifestyle. - Aug 2011

Probably not unless you lived like a hermit. But why would you? You are in the heart of Europe, just begging you to explore. Come here for the experience of a lifetime. Forget about saving money. - Jul 2011

Not if you like to go out to eat. - Jun 2011

Not easily, but it's possible - Jun 2011

If you don't pay for housing, sure, and even more if you can limit your travel out of Belgium to get sun or adventure. - Jun 2010

Not if you like travel. - Jun 2010

Yes, but temptations lie everywhere. - Mar 2010

No. But who cares when you are having this much fun. - Jul 2009

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