Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Rain boots (and buy some rain pants here, they're great). - Feb 2023

Umbrella. - Jan 2022

Appetite - especially for beer, mussels, and waffles!! - Oct 2021

Umbrella. - Sep 2020

Happy lamp and sense of adventure. - Sep 2020

Wallet, because you'll spend all your money on the wonderful travel opportunities that await you! Raincoat and umbrella. - Mar 2020

Vitamin D and portable air conditioner!! It can get hot in the summer for about a month and none of the houses have air conditioning. Last year we had a heat wave where it was in the 90s and the city ran out of portable ac units in the stores. Since most homes are either townhouse or apartment, you will get hot in the upper floors. - Feb 2019

Sense of adventure and rain boots. - Feb 2019

Patience, sweater, umbrella, and workout gear (to work off the beer, chocolate and fries!). - May 2018

Umbrella, reading material for train delays, exercise program to work off all that extra chocolate and beer - Jan 2018

Umbrella, nail polish, and thick skin - the locals aren't the friendliest lot. - Feb 2017

Rain coat and boots, umbrella. - Dec 2016

Curiosity and willingness to explore and learn from your new neighbors. - Aug 2014

sense of adventure. - Jul 2014

Weight scale - you will need it to measure all those pounds you are gaining after you start eating the fabulous chocolate, french fries, waffles and drinking all that beer. - Apr 2014

Rain gear. - Jan 2014

Raincoats, rain boots, and sweaters. - Jan 2014

umbrella, rain slicker and boots. - Oct 2012

Umbrella, raincoat, and a good book to pass the time during all those queues at the local commune, the supermarket etc. - May 2012

Good umbrellas, bikes. - Jan 2012

Umbrellas and rain coats. And your credit cards - life here is expensive. - Aug 2011

Sense of adventure, and appreciation of the whimsical and wacky. - Jul 2011

umbrella - Jun 2011

umbrella, coat, sunglasses, and your boots! - Jun 2011

European travel guides. - Jun 2010

sense of humor. Belgium can get a bit dreary, and the traffic will drive you insane. - Jun 2010

umbrella and your willingness to see a bright lining in those ever-present clouds. - Jul 2009

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