Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Sunscreen. - Feb 2023

Sunglasses (okay, you'll need them a couple of times). - Jan 2022

Ideas of American politeness. People will not say excuse me, waiters will not check on you after your food arrives. - Oct 2021

American chocolate and beer; also camping gear, as we found camping not easy to find here. - Sep 2020

Expectations of quick and courteous government service. Expectations of quick and courteous customer service. - Mar 2020

Expectation of friendliness and plans for weight loss. - Feb 2019

Stereotypical ideas of Belgians and pickup trucks. - Feb 2019

Expectations of customer service, sun screen, and your air conditioner. - May 2018

Air conditioner and hot weather clothes. - Jan 2018

Idea that living here is like living in the U.S. Very different world view and standards for behavior. - Aug 2014

Diets - it's a lost cause here. And preconceived notions of how things are supposed to work in developed countries. - Jul 2014

Any thoughts you may have about saving money unless you don't plan to do any travelling. - Apr 2014

Suntan lotion. - Jan 2014

Large summer wardrobe and sunglasses. - Jan 2014

shorts and swimsuit. - Oct 2012

Sunscreen. - May 2012

Any idea of european efficiency. This is not Germany. Everything you do requires more time than the U.S. - Jan 2012

Sun tan lotion, warm weather clothes. - Aug 2011

Hershey bars. You will become a chocolate connoisseur while here. - Jul 2011

sense of adventure - Jun 2011

notions of what fries are supposed to taste like - Jun 2011

hiking boots ... unless you fly. - Jun 2010

beer and chocolate. - Jun 2010

Chocolate! - Mar 2010

sunscreen and your diet...(the chocolate..oh my, the chocolate!) - Jul 2009


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