Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care generally good and not expensive. - Feb 2023

None. Excellent health care. - Jan 2022

Brussels is gray and rainy, and a lot of people experienced mood changes due to the weather. There also seemed to be a lot of people who developed allergies they never had before while in Brussels. Medical care is great and easily accessible. We found we were sent out to the economy for most things. By the end of our tour, we just went to local doctors. - Oct 2021

Medical care is great and is often cheaper than in US. Most doctors speak English. - Sep 2020

Good medical care is available. - Sep 2020

Good quality medical care and inexpensive medications. Doctors' office visits are not expensive compared to the U.S. Our son had to go to the ER and we were shocked to get the bill - only 37 euros. Lots of people opt to have surgeries or have their babies delivered here. Little need for medevac. - Mar 2020

No you can pretty much get treated here for whatever. Expensive, but insurance will reimburse. - Feb 2019

Medical care is excellent, but there ARE some differences one encounters. When we needed to schedule an MRI, for instance, we learned there are only 13 MRI machines in the entire country. Fortunately, they were able to work us in, but the waiting list was long and we were initially looking at a three or four month wait; this was unacceptable in our opinion. - Feb 2019

Medical care is first world. Winters are long and gray, so watch out for SAD. Lots of pollen in spring. - May 2018

Medical care is good and English-speaking medical staff aren't difficult to find. - Jan 2018

Medical care is great! There are many English speaking providers as well. We loved our pediatrician and my OB/GYN was fantastic. I delivered my youngest in Belgium and was very happy with the care. Speaking to pregnancy, toxoplasmosis is an issue. You shouldn't eat anything raw unless you've properly cleaned it yourself. Periodic blood tests are required during pregnancy. The tap water is safe to drink but doesn't taste very good. Culligan home water delivery was a must for us. Our kids also needed to take Vitamin D supplements because of the weather. - Feb 2017

No health concerns here. Water and air are clean. Medical care is easily accessible and affordable. You can have the "Service de Guarde" send a doctor right to your home if you wish! It's +/-60 Euro for a doctor visit. Doctors here do it ALL. Meaning, set the appointment, treat you and take your money for the bill. - Dec 2016

Quality medical care is readily available but hospital/nursing care is less than stellar. - Aug 2014

No health concerns. Great medical care. - Jul 2014

Generally good medical care although we know a few people with poor experiences. Belgian doctors have a different way of "doing medicine" and I have the impression that it is more of a wait and see approach. - Apr 2014

High quality medical care is available but either French or Dutch is helpful to navigate effectively. - Jan 2014

Socialized medicine here seems quite good and very cheap for most routine things. - Jan 2014

No health concerns. Hospitals are good, but bedside manner is poor, and not a lot of time is spent with treatment. The hospitals don't look as shiny and new as those in U.S. I recommend the Dutch-speaking hospitals (Leuven) over those in Brussels. - Oct 2012

No health concerns, I found the quality of care excellent. Going to Casualty was a dream compared with the experience in Britain. I bought Belgian health insurance and found it very affordable. - May 2012

Great hospitals and an embassy Health Unit committed to helping you. No problems here. Doctor visits are surprisingly affordable. Dentists are more expensive than the U.S. - Jan 2012

Very good health care quality, except for dentists. No dental hygienists available (work is done, brutally, by dentists). - Nov 2011

Medical care is excellent. Both my wife and I have been unfortunate enough to experience lots of it, and we've been very impressed. Our doctors here are much better than most of the doctors we saw in the US.And they charge much less. Medicine is also cheaper here. For one of the meds I take regularly, the total cost in Brussels is less than my copay in the States. - Aug 2011

The quality of the health care here is amazing. And inexpensive. Had three friends give birth. One a premie. All raved about their care. I had minor surgery on my toe, which would have cost close to $1,000 in the US. It cost less than $100 here. Dental care can be expensive though if you do not have local insurance. - Jul 2011

None. There is a very good, but complex, healthcare system. - Jun 2011

Good medical care - no health concerns - Jun 2011

Medical-care quality is high and not very expensive. - Jun 2010

Excellent care here - and socialized, so it's holistic. - Jun 2010

Care is great - many doctors practice out of their homes so they are close and hours are early/late. It is less expensive than the US, and more holistic - a real argument for social healthcare! - Mar 2010

Outstanding medical care. I know from personal experience. Healthcare is very affordable here in Belgium. - Jul 2009


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