Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Mostly business casual. It seems like Europeans are almost always dressed well in business casual attire vs. Americans who like to either wear a suit or skip over to tacky shorts. - Feb 2023

It's pretty much like Washington, DC. Belgians, in general, dress less casually than Americans. - Jan 2022

People dress well almost everywhere. You don't see a lot of athletic gear or sweats, even when shopping at the supermarket. However, even when dressed up sneakers are almost always a go to because of the amount of walking as well as the cobblestone. You'll see women in nicer restaurants in dresses with white sneakers. - Oct 2021

Locals dress up nicely even for a run to the grocery stores. - Sep 2020

Europeans tend to dress more stylishly than Americans, but no true dress code. Adults tend not to wear shorts, even in hot weather. - Sep 2020

Business attire at work, otherwise people dress pretty casually. - Mar 2020

Business- business casual - Feb 2019

Shirt and tie for men. Business dress. - Feb 2019

Generally business formal, though certain offices will lean toward business casual depending on the work and level of outside interaction. - May 2018

Not that different from DC--lots of suits, some 'business casual', more black and other dark colors here. I've never needed anything more formal than a business suit. - Jan 2018

The style in Brussels is generally very casual. There are definitely some restaurants that have dress codes and we always dressed in business casual at the very least when going to the Embassy. You will see a lot of jeans, scarves, and trainers. - Feb 2017

Business attire at work. Suits/ties and dresses/blouses/skirts in professional settings. Otherwise, formal attire is almost never needed. Bring something for the Marine Ball though! - Dec 2016

I am not employed but my husband wears a tie to work each day. In public, just about anything goes. - Aug 2014

Business attire mostly at work. Whatever you want in public. - Jul 2014

Just like being in DC. . . - Apr 2014

Typical business wear at work. Casual in pubic. - Jan 2014

Same as U.S. but people don't go out in yoga pants and casual workout type clothes. - Jan 2014

European, but not as formal as Paris. It is rare to see someone in sweats or shorts. - Oct 2012

Standard, western. Female friends of mine from the US/Britain found they got hassles/taunts in the city centre from (mostly immigrant) men if they dressed up at night in the same way they would at home (short skirts, tank tops etc). So prepare to wear jeans and a scarf on your Saturday night out... - May 2012

Suit and tie at work. Belgians dress well. - Jan 2012

Smart business attire. - Nov 2011

At work, it's basically like DC.In public, people aren't quite as casual as they are in the states. - Aug 2011

They are rather formal here. You need to dress well even for a casual dinner invitation. Folks do wear shorts in public, but it seems to be frowned on. But it all depends you age. In general though, Americans need to be conscious of how much they tend to dress down. Walking around in shorts and a t-shirt is not going to cut it here if you want to be accepted as anything other than a clueless country bumpkin. - Jul 2011

Work - very corporate; socially/in public - anything goes, but Belgian women are usually very tidily dressed. - Jun 2011

Business, business casual - people dress up here more than the states, even going out to the park. And everyone seems to have a pair of boots. - Jun 2011

European business attire, and anywhere from dressy to casual on weekends. - Jun 2010

Business at work, casual in public (but no shorts/sneakers - that marks you as American). - Jun 2010

Same as in Washington, but a bit more formal in summer. - Mar 2010

Coat & tie at work and casual (but not too casual) after work. - Jul 2009


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