Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

I volunteered at the Brussels Consignment Shop. That's how I met people. - Apr 2024

Expats everywhere, join a club, there are expat groups on facebook, missions have community events. It's easy to meet people here. Next level socializing: if you can do it, learn French or Dutch so you (and/or your kids) can join dance, music, sports, workout groups through your local commune, which are super cheap and will get you into the local scene (beyond your own nationality's circle and/or English-speaking expat groups). - Feb 2023

Like in many places, schools tend to be the places where people first connect. - Jan 2022

The Community Liaison Office (CLO) was good about getting people together through events and clubs, but it seems a lot has gone by the wayside with recent changes and the pandemic. There are also local groups if you can find them. Brussels Ladies Meetup is a Facebook group of all English speaking women in Brussels (not related to US or diplomatic missions). Other people joined local running groups, knitting groups, etc. - Oct 2021

The Embassy offers social opportunities through CLO, like in most posts. The international schools have their own social opportunities as well. Local groups exist, but you have to seek them out. - Sep 2020

Anything you can think of, from dinners or play dates at friends' homes, to meeting up in local parks, to going out to bars, clubs, and restaurants, to sporting clubs and other activities. - Mar 2020

We have an active social life, between our neighbors and the school, and the occasional embassy friend. There are as many social opportunities as your imagination permits. - Feb 2019

Weekend trips to other places including in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Belgians go outside in nice weather to the parks, "the forest," etc. - May 2018

Meetup groups, volunteering, groups based on hobbies, etc. - Jan 2018 is an EXCELLENT way to get plugged in right away. They offer bus trips to many places within a day's drive. There's also the American Club of Brussels. - Dec 2016

Sightseeing, movies, theaters, cultural events, restaurant hopping, involvement in the local schools etc. - Aug 2014

Same as anywhere! - Apr 2014

We work long hours at NATO so most people are ready to go home at the end of the day. Many delegations host events (e.g. national days) during business hours in the NATO cafeteria. - Jan 2014

Travel. - Jan 2014

Lots...usual big city things. - Oct 2012

Lots of great restaurants and cozy little bars and cafés. No closing time, but the selection of nightclubs aren't great. - May 2012

All good. However, the fact that the town (and country) literally shuts down on Saturday night and doesn't open until Monday morning took some getting used to. - Jan 2012

Given the size how dispersed the US Government community is here, there isn't the cohesion you find in smaller places. Everybody pretty much does there own thing. There are lots of international organization to join and it's very easy to meet other expats. - Aug 2011

See above. Lots to see and do. Make your own community. From all over the expat world. - Jul 2011

Cinema: most are in english with french subtitles, except children's films, which are generally dubbed. Also: theatre, opera, etc. Lots of dinners at folks' homes. - Jun 2011

It really depends - you can go out and party every night if you want to, but it gets old after awhile because you end up going the same places again and again. - Jun 2011

All the socializing you want to do, though you'll get to know the venues pretty fast. - Jun 2010

Singles live downtown and generally hang out together. Families live in the 'burbs' and have to hang out together because they are so far out of town! - Jun 2010

Lots of things to do here - anything you can imagine and more. - Mar 2010

A very large number of very expensive restuarants. Many clubs and pubs of every flavor. Lots of activities for all ages. - Jul 2009

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