Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Varies. It is a good post to be annoynomous in. Because there are so many expats and so many outside things to do, community members don't necessarily need each other, so they tend to go their separate ways. We met some wonderful people, and as it always is, it is the people that made this a good tour for us! - Oct 2012

Ok. Lots of younger people complain that it is boring. Folks with kids appreciate the quality of life and ease of living. - May 2012

Good. I would say the most challenging aspect of this post is the locally engaged staff. Belgian law is very much slanted toward the workers. Belgians don't feel the need to work very hard, and can call in sick for long periods of time with no consequences---and they do! - Jan 2012

In general, it's not bad. I think people like living here OK, but working here is another story... - Aug 2011

The overall expat community has a high morale, people love it here. There are lots of clubs and activities. Some members of the US embassy, however, miss being in a tight knit smaller post. There really is no need for the US embassy bubble here, but folks who have become dependent on it, without even realizing they have, miss it while here. You have to make your own community in brussels. It will not be sitting there for you on a platter. But making your own community is EASY. Find something you like doing and do it and you will tons of people to do it with. And it will generally be more than an embassy community. Gave a going away party for a friend, whose husband is with the US embassy, but we were the only embassy folk at the party. There was a German, a Kiwi, someone from Ireland and an American from the general expat community. Brussels is a truly international city. An amazing place to live. Expat heaven. - Jul 2011

Very variable. Working hours in the two main international instituions (EU & NATO) are very long, which influences life in a big way. But Singles seem to like it. Long termers moan, but stay for the money; those here for 3 - 5 years are often counting down the time to leave. - Jun 2011

Varies - most people are happy to leave Brussels, the city, the rain, the difficulties of Belgium, they all get you down. - Jun 2011

Moderate. The weather can take it's toll, but life is comfy and can be interesting. But excitement is rare. - Jun 2010

Generally pretty good, though at some missions the work hours are very long. - Jun 2010

Varying - housing is a key issue, and some jobs demand 10-12 hour days which is wearing. - Mar 2010

Excellent. - Jul 2009


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