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English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Yes, English-language newspapers available at Waterstones in the city centre. You can get BBC and English-language news stations with your standard TV package. - May 2012

Cable TV, internet, phone bundles are available at about 100 Euros per month. - Jan 2012

Lots of English language programming is available if you subscribe to Flemish cable - Nov 2011

There are several english language newspapers available, the IHT, WSJ, all the British papers. - Aug 2011

There are a number of English language periodicals. Before you do anything subscribe to receive the pdf version of the Flanders Today delivered to your inbox. A great weekly news source that is more than just about Flanders. The Brussels Unlimited and The Bulletin just merged into a bo-weekly affair. You have to pay for those, but they were good in their previous incarnations. If you work for the US missions to Belgium, NATO, and EU and are a member of the US military stationed in Belgium contact [email protected] to be put on the mailing list to receive the US embassy news weekly. If you work at other embassies in Brussels (UK, Canada, etc), at one of the Int'l schools, International organizations, contact the editor. Many exceptions are made for officials from other countries. And the Brussels Weekly is an amazing source of local information. If I do say so myself.=) Oh and local cable companies usually have BBC and other English language channels. - Jul 2011

Yes - US/UK available daily for €5 each. Cable TV has UK programmes, and you can get Sky/Freesat too. - Jun 2011

The IHT, FT, Wall Street Journal Europe are all a few Euros an issue. The Economist is probably more like EUR 5 or 7. - Jun 2010

Yes, premium paid. - Jun 2010

Yes, a bit more expensive than in the US. - Mar 2010

USA Today, International Herald Tribune, NY Times & Washington Post International Editions, and of course the Wall Street Journal. Two to five euros depending on the shop. - Jul 2009


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