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What English-language religious services are available locally?

Everything, I think. - Feb 2023

There are a number of expat churches with services in English. - Jan 2022

There are many available just have to look them up on the internet. - Sep 2020

Widely available, but i do not know exactly what. - Sep 2020

There is a Catholic church with services in English that some people attend. - Mar 2020

We absolutely love our church, Red Rocks. They are a non-denominational English speaking church that is one of 7 church plants with a home base in Denver, Colorado. There are also Protestant, catholic and vineyard churches that I am aware of. - Feb 2019

No idea. - Feb 2019

A few options due to the large expat community. - May 2018

Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Jewish, Mormon, Lutheran, Anglican, interdenominational... You can definitely find an English-speaking service to suit you! - Dec 2016

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has two congregations that are bi-lingual English/French. There are English Catholic services and a non-denominational protestant church available in English as well. I know there is Seventh Day Adventist group but I think it might be bi-lingual as well. There are Jewish synagogues but I do not know if they have services in English. There are many mosques but I doubt those provide English services. - Aug 2014

There are a lot of options for English speakers for just about every denomination. - Jul 2014

Probably. - Apr 2014

Available, but I'm unsure of the specifics. - Jan 2014

St. Anthony's in Kraainem is a nice English speaking Roman Catholic Church. - Jan 2014

Yes, all. - Oct 2012

Yes, Catholic, Protestant at least. - May 2012

It's no problem to find whatever type of religious service you want. - Aug 2011

All sorts. Know there are many different demoninations. Not sure where. And do know there is an active English speaking synagogue. Remember, this is an expat city. - Jul 2011

Yes - all. - Jun 2011

Yep. - Jun 2010

Yes. - Jun 2010

Yes. All. - Mar 2010

Yes. Many different churches offer english-language services. The US military installations offer services. - Jul 2009

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