Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

I do not recommend Proximus. - Apr 2024

There are a couple big players: Orange, Proximus, and Base. You can also go with a smaller player, like Mobile Viking, which we preferred. - Feb 2023

Local phones are easy to set up. - Jan 2022

We used a local provider. I recommend going through the TMA family plan with Orange as it is a flexible contract that requires no dealing with the local stores and comes with a dedicated English-speaking representative. We used their plan all three years. - Oct 2021

MobileViking - Apr 2021

I there several service providers in towns and one of the most know is Proximus. We had our cable TV through Proximus and had my cell phone subscription as well. Our kids had mobile viking with pay as you go cards. I would recommend using local providers. - Sep 2020

We use local providers and have good service. It is much cheaper here than in US. We ported a US number to use with Google Voice here as well. - Sep 2020

The Embassy's Tri-Mission Association has a partnership with Orange. We signed up for SIM cards with them right when we arrived, it was very convenient. Not sure of the cost but I don't think it's more than 40-50 euros a month. You can use the service throughout the EU when traveling. I have an iPhone for work but prefer to have a personal phone as well. - Mar 2020

We use Viking mobile and have been very happy. The US Embassy will promote Orange but he warned, many people have been ripped off by them (myself included) for bills that exceeded $300 in one month. The embassy uses Proximus for their employees so not sure why Orange is who the TMA store promotes but I’d be leary of them. - Feb 2019

We got a local plan with the cell phone we brought with us. There are many plans to choose from. They are not particularly expensive, but may be a little more than similar US plans. - Feb 2019

Local provider, swapping the chip. About 30-40 USD per phone per month for a decent data plan. - May 2018

Local providers are cheaper. The best deal varies based on your needs, but I pay €15/mo for 4gb data with Mobile Vikings. - Jan 2018

We used a local provider. The TMA store at the Embassy helped to set up, and then later discontinue, our plans. - Feb 2017

The local employee association can help you get a SIM card on the local market through a plan called "Orange." - Dec 2016

We use the embassy cell phone plan and it is dirt cheap. - Aug 2014

Lots of different companies and plans available. The Tri-Mission association has a deal with one of the companies and a lot of us use them. - Jul 2014

Cell phones can be obtained through the Tri-Mission association at an affordable cost. - Apr 2014

U.S. Tri-Mission employees can obtain SIMs for phones and tables from the Tri-Mission Association store. This is a great help as they often will act as the middle-man with the phone company, which means avoiding poor Belgian customer service. - Jan 2014

Bring an unlocked smartphone. They're very expensive. Data plans aren't too bad though and seem comparable to the U.S. - Jan 2014

Mobistar is good. - Oct 2012

Nope. - May 2012

The embassy supplies all staff with phones. Family members usually use the TMA located at the Embassy for family member subscriptions. A BlackBerry account runs about 45 Euros per month. - Jan 2012

everyone has one - Nov 2011

Everybody has cell phones here. - Aug 2011

I would recommend just buying a pay as you go plan. Add money as you need it. - Jul 2011

Buy a 'pay as you go' card here - they are cheap, easy to use, and have instructions/voice mail in english. - Jun 2011

I use Mobistar - it's pretty quick and painless. - Jun 2011

No, great service. - Mar 2010

Cell phones must sold un-locked in Belgium. Cell phone services are generally cheaper than in the US. Pay-as-you go is good if you do not get a cell phone & service via the American Embassy Employee Association. - Jul 2009

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