Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

It seems most metro stations have elevators which would help physically disabled persons to access the metro. I am sure there are other things that could make it more accessible. - Apr 2024

The sidewalks are fairly uneven, cobblestones are popular in sidewalks and roads and that would be tricky. - Feb 2023

Like in many European cities, the cobblestone streets and sidewalks are beautiful, but would be difficult for people with mobility issues. - Jan 2022

Yes. There is a lot of cobblestone, small twisting stairs, and the like. - Oct 2021

No, I don't think so. - Sep 2020

I think it would be hard. Trams and buses would be challenging, I think, but most metro stops have elevators, but not all. - Sep 2020

To some extent yes, just like in any old European city, there are cobblestones and a lack of elevators and ramps. - Mar 2020

Yes and no. Sidewalks aren’t the best in some areas but every metro has an elevator and the buses are low enough that a wheelchair could roll right in. - Feb 2019

Yes and no. The Metro is NOT handicap-friendly. There are also parts of the city that are old: narrow, cobblestone streets, staircases, etc. It is probably navigable for the most part, but one would have to plan ahead. - Feb 2019

Like any European city, probably. Cobblestones, few ramps, etc. - May 2018

Like any old city in Europe, there are lots of stairs and uneven pavements. Buses are wheelchair accessible, but many trams are not and only some metro stations have elevators. - Jan 2018

Yes. Again, very few metro stops have elevators. - Feb 2017

With all of the cobblestones and crazy traffic I imagine it's terrible for those with visual or physical challenges. Heck, it's hard to even wear heels here! - Dec 2016

There are some accommodations made but the cobblestones and traffic make it hard to navigate on foot for those with visual or physical challenges. - Aug 2014

There are lots of accommodations made for those with physical disabilities in Brussels. - Jul 2014

Yes, not all metros are wheelchair accessible. Not all streets have curb cuts, lots of cobble stones and narrow door entries. - Apr 2014

Most older buildings and areas of the city are not easily accessible to those with physical disabilities. - Jan 2014

Yes, Belgium and Europe are obviously old with lots of cobblestone and lacking in elevators and other accessibility. - Jan 2014

Sidewalks are very bumpy, often with coblestones or uneven concrete. The Metro system does have systems in place, but there are very few elevators, making it almost impossible for wheelchairs. - Oct 2012

Some. There are a lot of cobblestones and small streets which could present difficulties for wheelchair users. Venues can be less wheelchair friendly than in N. America or Britain. - May 2012

Tough to walk, lots of cobblestones, and few amenities for disabled access. - Nov 2011

Like many european cities, getting around Brussels would be difficult for people with disabilities. - Aug 2011

There would definitely be some concern. They would not be able to do everything. Sidewalks are generally not set up to accommodate PD folks. Neither is public transit except for the metro. It is difficult to put myself in that situation so do not want to categorically come down on one side or the other. - Jul 2011

Lots of cobblestones everywhere, and the trams must be a nightmare to get on or off, with their very narrow doors and steps up. - Jun 2011

Uneven sidewalks, public transportation difficulties, very few shops are accessible to those in wheelchairs - Jun 2011

It is relatively well adapted to meet needs. - Jun 2010

Not a lot is set up for people with physical disabilities - lots of cobblestones, no ramps, etc. - Jun 2010

The laws are on the books here but the implementation is spotty at best. - Jul 2009

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