Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

I think so e.g. prejudice against Arabs, but i don't have personal experience. - Feb 2023

Yes. There are issues of prejudice against Belgians of African ancestry and immigrants. This is a deep-seated problem in Belgian culture, as it is in many places. - Jan 2022

There is currently a strong prejudice against refugees coming in from Middle Eastern/northern African countries. - Oct 2021

Yes, as there are everywhere. - Sep 2020

Yes. There seem to be prejudices against the large Moroccan population in Belgium, and against the refugees that are here temporarily trying to get to the UK. - Mar 2020

Haven’t noticed a ton but have seen some prejudice towards people of color. - Feb 2019

None that I am aware of. - Feb 2019

Locals will complain about "immigrants" in general, sometimes, but not too bad compared to other places. - May 2018

Brussels has a large underemployed immigrant population, mostly of North African and Turkish origin and concentrated in a few neighborhoods on the west side of the city. There is definitely some tension between that community and the city at large, but it rarely leads to violence and it's not something that would affect expats. - Jan 2018

There is a growing animosity toward immigrants, and particularly toward Moroccan and other Islamic immigrants. - Aug 2014

People seem to blame everything on the Moroccans, but I've not seem anything too blatant regarding prejudices. - Jul 2014

Have not heard of any Embassy employees being targeted. - Apr 2014

Some local prejudice against newer communities of Turkish and Moroccan descent. - Jan 2014

No. - Jan 2014

Not that I came into contact with, although the French and Dutch speakers have a long-standing disagreement about language. - Oct 2012

No. The big prejudices are Flemish vs. Francophone... - May 2012

Of course, there is the French vs. Flemish hostilities. The Belgians aren't very happy about the saturation of Moroccans, Africans, and Romanians flowing in, but they keep their prejudices fairly discreet. - Jan 2012

There is a growing prejudice towards North Africans and Middle Eastern immigrants. - Nov 2011

I've seen very little prejudice expressed by Belgians - except for the French/Flemish divide of course. On the other hand, the Americans in the USG tri-missions demonstrate real and significant prejudice against foreign born spouses. If you have a foreign born spouse, especially if he/she wants to work in the tri-missions, I would consider very carefully if you really want to come to Brussels. - Aug 2011

Nothing to speak of. Belgium just passed their Burqa law so maybe there will be some repercussions with that. But otherwise, everyone seems to get along here. Though as I said, I would not venture into some immigrant (read Muslim) neighborhoods at night. - Jul 2011

No - Jun 2011

I haven't noticed any - I think there's more of a problem between French and Flemish speakers than along other lines. - Jun 2011

There are problems between the majority and the second and third generation Moroccan community, and sometimes vs Muslims in general. The problem is centered in Brussels. - Jun 2010

Not really. - Jun 2010

No. - Jul 2009


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