Brussels - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Very good for families, and probably couples, as well. Not sure about singles as the core of the city are technocrats from Europe who "made it" to the big-time of the EU capital in Brussels. It seems there are lots of intermarriages among Europeans who move here and hope to never leave Brussels, not sure how much Europeans in the "Brussels bubble" are tempted by dating someone like an American, who falls outside this bubble. - Feb 2023

I heard single people complain that it was a little boring, but for us, a family of six, we loved it. - Jan 2022

We were there as a couple and loved it. I cannot speak to being single there. - Oct 2021

It is good for families and for singles. - Sep 2020

I think it can be great for anyone, depending on how willing you are to go out and be social. It can isolating for those who aren't naturally social. Families may or may not live close-by, but people certainly have get togethers. - Sep 2020

Yes, there is something for everyone here. - Mar 2020

Yes for all. There is something for everyone here. - Feb 2019

Brussels would be a great town for singles, I think. I think LGBTQ folk would be comfortable here. I am married and I believe it's terrific for families, too. As I said, it's really what you make it. - Feb 2019

Big enough that there's something for everyone, I think. - May 2018

I think there's something for everyone here. Single people and couples have plenty of "adult" activities (and for single people, a lot of other single English-speaking people who don't work with you), and there's also no shortage of kid-friendly activities. Exploring the country and the rest of Europe are fun no matter what your family looks like. - Jan 2018

It is a difficult city for families of little ones. Restaurants are not particularly excited to see small children who (gasp) make noise. It was more uncomfortable than it was worth. There are places like cook & book that are less formal but it truly depends on the kids. I had two tiny boys who were not quiet or reserved. In addition, Brussels is completely stroller UN-friendly. Very few metro stops have elevators so you have to use the escalators ... when they are in service. Otherwise you have to carry the strollers up and down stairs. - Feb 2017

Good for ALL. This town has everything to offer! - Dec 2016

All. - Aug 2014

It's a good city for everyone. - Jul 2014

Yes, great for families. Lots of parks and indoor play centers (since it often rains!). - Apr 2014

Great for everyone. - Jan 2014

Great for families, good for couples, but singles think it's a little sleepy. - Jan 2014

Yes. - Oct 2012

Good for all, I'd say. Perhaps a little dull for singles in their early 20s. - May 2012

Good for all. - Jan 2012

Yes for all - Nov 2011

It's a very good city for families with children. Singles and couples will find it less so, unless they get out of the city. - Aug 2011

This is a great city for EVERYONE. There is always something to do for families, what with cultural festivals, music festivals, the beach nearby, amusements parks around, etc. The list would be voluminous. For singles ... ooh la la ... there is a cornucopia of available expat young professionals in Brussels what with the EU here, all the lobbying groups for the EU, the NGOs, all the embassies to Belgium, all the embassies to the EU, all the embassies to NATO. Brussels is expat central. If you cannot meet someone interesting here ...For couples, there are tons of activities such as restaurants, bars, clubs, other expats, festivals, events, traveling to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and all over Belgium and the rest of Europe, etc etc. - Jul 2011

Like most places, I guess it depends what you're looking for. Families seem to have an active social life revolving aroundyoung children, and thenon working partner net. Young singles like to party, and there's a lively club scene, with lots of people with disposable cash from the EU/NATO communities. If you're in between like me (a 30 something single mum), you'll find it hard going to make friends, but when you do, you'll find Belgians very loyal and happy to show you 'their' corner of the city - it just takes a few years to get them to 'thaw'! - Jun 2011

I think it's an okay city for all of them - but not a great city for any of them. There is no sense of community - perhaps due to the large size. Everyone goes their own way at the end of the day and it's hard to find good friends. - Jun 2011

Couples and single men seem happier than single women. Like in many places, there is a surfeit of young twenty-somethings and over-40s. The 30-something gap is large. They must all be home in relationships. - Jun 2010

Yes, for all. - Jun 2010

Yes, great city for all. - Mar 2010

This is a great city for everyone. - Jul 2009


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