Kolonia - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Our house was nice. A one-story with an attached garage. Three beds, two baths, and a small backyard. Houses in the pool are all over the place. There are problems with termites and rats. The climate here is very rough (constant rain) on the houses. - Jul 2021

The houses for diplomats are all over the place in regards to the size. We live in a one-story, three-bed, 2 bath house with an attached garage and a small yard. Some houses have generators which is great because the power shuts down all the time. The houses that don't have generators are going to have a rough time. Buy lots of surge protectors, as you will lose some electronics because of the constant power surges. - Apr 2021

Housing varies. The locals live fairly simply, expats a bit more high-end, but the infrastructure is so spotty that no housing is free of problems--electricity, plumbing, vermin (rats), rust, termites. - Mar 2020

U.S. Embassy housing is okay on a global standard, but the cream of the crop vis-a-vis living standards is to be found here on Pohnpei. Most people in Pohnpei don't have electricty and running water, so our houses are extremely nice. No dishwashers though. - Feb 2013

The longest commute is 15 minutes. Traffic only backs up along the main road during brief rush hours and holiday shopping periods. Usually, it's easy to drive around Kolonia and the island, if you mind the pigs, chickens, dogs, people in the road and the other vehicles traveling at 5 miles/hour up a winding road (can't pass them!). - Apr 2008

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