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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There are two schools that expats send their kids to: Calvert Christian and Pohnpei Catholic. If you are not religious, you may not love the curriculum. There are dedicated religion classes every day. Calvert Christian is better academically, but I understand that they have very strong teachings against homosexuality. I've heard that the American children who attended these schools were way behind in reading and math when they got back to the US. I feel it is best to homeschool your children here. - Jul 2021

There are two schools that expats use: CCA- which is a Protestant Christian Academy and there is a Catholic School. There is a lot of religious indoctrination at both schools and the quality of education is very poor in my opinion. In my opinion, your kids will be behind when they get back to the US if you send them to one of the local schools. If you bring children here, you will need to homeschool them or you will need to supplement what they are learning at home. - Apr 2021

No international schools. - Mar 2020

There are none. - Feb 2013

There are no international schools. Embassy families currently send their children to the Seventh Day Adventist School, which tries its best given very limited resources and teaching staff credentials. The religious overtones of the instruction is not for everyone. - Apr 2008

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