Kolonia - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Ok, this is crucial. If you are not the picture of perfect health, DO NOT COME HERE. I have found the hospitals to be disgusting and dirty. The emergency rooms are not always staffed with doctors. You will be shipped to Guam for anything other than a headache. Dental care is abhorrent and dirty, in my opinion. There are no specialists on the island. There are no mental health providers on the island. This is a medical disaster waiting to happen. We have two children here and we went to the emergency room for a skin infection. No doctor. They had to call one in. Got a prescription. No pharmacist. They had to call one in. Thank God it wasn't a major broken bone or worse. - Jul 2021

In my opinion, the medical care here is terrible; I really don't think it could be worse. If you are sick or have a pre-existing condition then look elsewhere. I found the main hospital to be filthy. The pharmacies don't carry many prescription medicines. You will need to be evacuated for everything. I also found the dentistry here to be bad. There are no specialists of any kind here. You should be the picture of perfect health if you decide to come here. There is no optometrist. You cannot get glasses or contacts here. - Apr 2021

There is very little quality medical care. There is a state hospital where someone I know had a gall bladder removed. And there is Dr. Isaac, who has the Pohnpei Family Clinic. He is very good (went to med school in Hawaii), but he's not always on the island. - Mar 2020

There is basically no medical care here. The local populace is riddled with health problems, mostly non-communicable, but occasionally there is a dengue outbreak. - Feb 2013

Medical care is available but of low quality. Make sure you have sufficient medevac insurance. - Apr 2008

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