Kolonia - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We have $40 a day for a housekeeper and I pay $40 for someone to mow the lawn. Housekeepers are very rare and they will not show up every day. You will have a hard time hiring someone. It seems to be culturally acceptable to not come to work for long periods of time with no communication. - Jul 2021

You will probably not be able to find reliable help. If you do find someone they will not show up every day and they will not call you to tell you they are not going to show up. We pay $40 per day for our cleaning lady, but she is sporadic. Most other people do not have a helper. You will pay between $20-$40 for someone to mow your lawn. They will not show up regularly. They will show up when they need money. - Apr 2021

I had good household help, but she came with a recommendation and is known among the Embassy community. The availability of quality household help is limited. - Mar 2020

Unavailable. The Micronesians are not known for their domestic attentiveness or work ethic. A few people have found Philippinas to help at home, but I wouldn't bother here. There have been reports of thefts and break-ins blamed on the hired help. - Feb 2013

It's very hard to find someone who wants to work, will show up and won't steal from you. Really, none of my colleagues have domestic staff here now based on previous bad experiences. - Apr 2008

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