The Hague - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Most families have a townhome, many with a small backyard. We have lots of space, a lovely backyard with space for a garden, fire pit and grill. Although, there are plenty of people in The Hague and surrounding areas, most families are located in Wassenaar where the American School is. The commute to the embassy by car is 15-20 minutes and 30 minutes by bicycle (there are direct bike paths). Public transportation is also an option with a stop just down the street from the embassy. - Feb 2021

Housing is very nice. Most diplomats are issued townhouses near the expat town of Wassenaar since that is where the American School is located. We have ample room, a small yet functional backyard, and a wood-burning fireplace. Most Dutch houses are multi-storied and have treacherous stairs so those with mobility issues take note. - Jan 2019

Most houses are attached homes or duplexes, all have 2 or more floors, steep stairs, small yards. Families tend to live north of The Hague in Wassenaar near the schools. Easy commute. - Feb 2015

Dutch housing is typically attached (townhouse style) or apartment flats. Detached, single-family housing is rare in The Hague. - Jun 2014

Most Dutch houses are tall narrow townhomes. The houses have VERY steep stairs. If you have small children, bring baby gates. - Apr 2014

The housing is wonderful. I work with the USG/Embassy and this is really great housing. One has to get use to smaller storage and kitchen areas, but we are living in Europe! I am very impressed with the level of service we receive and the quality of housing. - Jul 2011

Familes tend to live 5-7 miles to the north of the city in Wassenaar where you find large duplexes in south Wassenaar and smaller townhomes in central Wassenaar. Wassenaar is closest to the American School. Couple and singles live in the city of at the beach in Schevinegen. Your looking at apartments and small narrow townhouses or rowhouses. Commute times are:Wassenaar to the US Embassy 15 min by bus or 10 min by car;Schevinegen is 10-12 min by tram. - Nov 2010

Singles and couples without kids live in the city center, families with kids live in Wassenaar - 30 minutes away. Housing is great. Everyone seems happy who have arrived during the last year or so. The housing board has really made some good decisions on housing. - Jul 2010

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